Tom Oar Obituary: Biography, Net Worth, Age, And Daughter

Tom Oar Obituary: Biography, Net Worth, Age, And Daughter: Tom Oar is a well-known American television figure who has appeared on the History Reality television series Mountain Men.

Individuals like Tom are revealed in the television series as leaving civilization behind to settle in the woods living close to mother nature and having their best time in life in their own manner.

Tom Oar Biography

The TV personality was born in 1943 in the Illinois United States of America to his father Chike Oar who featured in US Wild West shows in the 1980s and early 1990s and his mother whose identity is unknown.

Tom made the decision to abandon modern living and live in the woods with his family. In 1970 he moved to Montana’s Yaak River Valley with her better half Nancy Oar.

From shelter to feeding they lived in a natural manner doing almost everything on their own. Their family was in the business of making shoes and clothing out of tanned deer hide.

Tom Oar Age 

Tom is 79 years old having been born in 1943.


Tom Oar Children 

Chad Jack and Keeler are the names of the Mountain Men star’s three children with his wife Nancy.

Tom Oar’s Net Worth 

The father of three has a net worth of around $200000 primarily from his business and his part on a television show.

Tom Oar Knives

Tom is also a blacksmith who manufactures and sells quality handmade custom knives for hunting through online shops.

Tom Oar Obituary 

The television celebrity is still alive but he no longer resides in Montana Yaak River Valley but rather in Florida with his beloved wife.