The arrest of Jorge Camacho for kidnapping and raping a teenage girl from Texas
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The arrest of Jorge Camacho for kidnapping and raping a teenage girl from Texas: Jorge Camacho is accused of doing very bad things to a child such as taking them away holding them against their will and making them do things they shouldn’t do. He has been charged with several crimes including kidnapping human trafficking and rape.

The family of a 13-year-old girl is grateful to the police for finding her and to the community for their help. Because the girl has been sexually assaulted the news channel FOX 4 has decided not to reveal her identity or her family’s identity.

Police say that a man named Jorge Camacho who is 34 years old took a 13-year-old girl from her home in Dallas and did some very bad things to her. They found the girl later in a shed on a farm in North Carolina.

Jorge Camacho Arrested: For Kidnapping And Raping A Teenage Girl From Texas

Jorge Camacho is accused of taking a 13-year-old girl from her home in Dallas and holding her against her will. He is also accused of doing many bad things to her like having s*x with her and treating her badly. He faces many serious charges including kidnapping human trafficking and multiple charges of having s*x with a child who is under 15 years old.

On Friday the FBI told the sheriff’s office in Texas that a 13-year-old girl was taken from Dallas. On Monday Camacho attended court through a video call. A reporter said that he smiled when the judge told him about the charges.

If found guilty Camacho may have to spend his whole life in prison. Currently, he is in jail in the Davidson County Jail and he will have to pay $1250000 bail to be released.

Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons said that unfortunately, they are seeing more and more of these incidents where children are being taken advantage of. He said that children are not allowed to be kids and this is how they are often coerced into human trafficking.

Sheriff Richie Simmons is worried about what children are being taught at home. He thinks it’s a problem that they need to be taught to be careful with social media.

“We need your help to keep kids safe. We’re so glad we found this girl but not every kid is as lucky. Sometimes bad people try to talk to kids online or in person and it’s important to be careful. Remember don’t talk to strangers and always tell a trusted adult if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.” – Sheriff Richie Simmons.

Jorge Camacho Arrested: What Happened?

Jorge Camacho who is 34 years old took a 13-year-old girl near her home in Dallas and did many bad things to her. Then he took her more than a thousand kilometers away to a farm in North Carolina and kept her locked in a shed.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said that Camacho used a social networking site to communicate with the child. He said things that were grooming and made the child interested.

Bianca Davis runs a non-profit group called New Friends New Life. They help girls who have been hurt by s*x crimes and offer other kinds of support too.

“Traffickers try to trick teenagers by targeting their everyday needs and where they hang out often online,” she said. “In the US the average age of a trafficked girl is 15 years old.”

The girl disappeared on March 1st according to her family. Later security cameras caught Camacho’s car near the girl’s house in Dallas.

The FBI in Dallas told the police in North Carolina that a girl had been kidnapped and they worked together to find her. They caught Camacho on Friday and the girl was found in a shed where he lived.