Who is Maggie Grace, What is She Known for? Her Net Worth and Other Facts
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Shannon Rutherford in the TV series “Lost”, Irina in “The Twilight Saga” and/or maybe “Rachel in Rachel’s Room” are some of the popular names/characters with which you might know the topic of this article. But beyond that Maggie Grace had a life that preceded her fame.

While you may know the tidbits about fame, you probably don’t know that she was raised in a 200-year-old house with her siblings by their parents. Learn more about Shannon’s background, what made her popular, her wealth, and other interesting facts we’ve collected about the celebrity below.

Who is Maggie Grace and What is She Known for?

Maggie Grace, who was given the name Margaret Grace Denig after her birth on September 21, 1983, was born in Worthington, Ohio, USA, as the daughter of Valinn (née Everett) and Fred Denig. She was the eldest of the three children born in the family, who are all girls. Her siblings are Marissa Paletas and Ian Denig, with whom she grew up in the first salt crate house in central Ohio, which had stood for 200 years at that time.

As a child, Maggie had an affinity for the arts and called herself the “Shakespeare nerd” because she was an avid reader. She went to school at Worthington Christian Schools and later at Thomas Worthington High School, where she started performing in her school plays and also in community theater.

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However, when she was 16 years old, her parents divorced, which caused Maggie to drop out of school and her mother to move to Los Angeles, where they hoped to start a new life. Not long after her arrival in the City of Angels, Maggie Grace contacted an agent and then enrolled in acting classes, hoping to begin her career as soon as possible. This decision and step of trust paid off quickly when she was given the title role in Rachel’s Room, an Internet video series released in 2001 that focused on the events in the teenage girl’s bedroom. The following year, the actress had her escape role in Murder in Greenwich, a 2002 television movie based on a true-life story about the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley.

The actress has also appeared in other films and television series alongside A-Actors and actresses such as Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, and Forest Whitaker in Taken 3 (2015), where she played the role of Kim Mills. Maggie Grace was Christina in Aftermath (2017) alongside Martin Donovan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Scoot McNairy. She has also starred in various television series such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2004) as Jessie Dawning in the episode “Obscene”, Fear the Walking Dead (2018-today) as Althea since season 4.

As for marriage, Maggie Grace is married to Brent Bushnell, the chairman and co-founder of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company.

The actress was engaged by her suitor in February 2017, and on May 28th of the same year, the two walked down the aisle and said their “I do’s” to each other. It is not known that their union has produced any children so far.

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Her Net Worth

Maggie Grace has experienced good times in her relatively young career. The actress, who made her debut in 2001 and had her breakthrough the following year, reportedly has a net worth of between $8 and $12 million. She is still very active in the industry, and with more critical and commercially successful works in which she appears alongside other sources of income, her numbers will definitely double for good.

Other Facts

She comes from a mixture of English, German, and Scottish ethnicity.

Maggie Grace is without a doubt a beautiful young woman with a good carriage. The actress stands at a moderate height (for women) of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 63 kg.

Her hair color is naturally blonde, which perfectly matches her green-tinted eyes.

She has a well-contoured body with a bust of 36 inches, a waist of 25 inches, and proportioned hips of 35 inches. The blonde beauty stains the look of the typical American girl.

The actress wears a bra size 34B, US shoe size 8.5, and US dress size 4.

Maggie is said to have bought her first car when she was 18 years old, and to this day she still drives the same car.

She is a cat person and has a feline companion called Roo.

Roo was an overgrown cat that she and Ian Somerhalder saw starve and die while shooting Lost in the Jungle.