Home Media personality Tessa Brooks Bio, Age, Height, Family Life, and Quick Facts

Tessa Brooks Bio, Age, Height, Family Life, and Quick Facts

Tessa Brooks Bio, Age, Height, Family Life, and Quick Facts
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Tessa Brooks is a young and talented dancer, model, and YouTube star. As a social media personality, she has a huge fan base of over 5 million followers on Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, and YouTube included. Tessa is crazy about fashion trends and jeans, she spends most of her earnings on online shopping. Find out more…

Tessa Brooks Biography (Age, Ethnicity)

Tessa Brooks was born on April 5, 1999, in Fresno, California, United States of America. She has two older sisters and a half-sister. One of them took dance lessons from Mommy and Me. Tessa Brooks is an American of white descent and began dancing at the age of two. According to her, it made her feel good, so she continued to take her dance lessons. Now it has become a career for her and she is excellent in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, breakdance, and contemporary dance.

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The first public performance that brought her recognition was her appearance on the Disney channel show “Big Thing”. The audience was impressed, and since then Tessa has performed with the Pulse on Tour and was a member of the dance group immaBEAST. She also appeared on the Miss California Beauty Pageant and the Haiti benefit concert.

Tessa Brooks Rise To Fame

Tessa owns a YouTube channel called Tessa Brooks with 3 million subscribers. She makes vlogs about her lifestyle and pranks. Career-wise, Tessa Brooks has made some advertisements (print modeling) for companies such as Coca-Cola, sketches, and contour designs. Tessa Brooks has appeared in T-Pain, Disney’s Cocojones and Diamond White’s music video, and Michael Jackson’s tribute show at the Carnation Theater. She was a member of Team 10, an online group founded by Jake Paul, another YouTube star.

As a member of the group, she appeared in the regular vlogs, which consisted mainly of lifestyle, pranks, fake weddings, tours, challenge, question and answer series, and comedies. Tessa also posted videos about the team’s activities on her own YouTube channel. Other members of the Team 10 team include its leader, Jake Paul, Erika Costell, the Martinez twins, Tristan Tales, Chance Sutton, and Allissa Violet. The Martinez twins left the team in 2017 and accused Jake Paul of bullying.

On Quitting Team 10

On 1 January 2018, the young social media personality released a video entitled “I Have Something to Tell You” with the follow-up video “Why I Left Team 10”. The first video was to let her subscribers know that she was no longer part of the team, and the second video stated her reasons for leaving. In her opinion, Team 10 wasn’t what it used to be; things changed and they all stopped getting along with each other as the tension grew from day to day.

She claimed in the video that she shared many memories with the team and didn’t want to trade them for anything, but the team was no longer what she wanted, and decided to leave the team, stating that she would always appreciate the love, support, and opportunities the team gave her.

Tristan Tales also followed her shortly after she left the group and so much has happened to the team in that short time. Jake Paul’s older brother Logan was attacked and called a “psychopath” by the fans because he had posted a video of a Japanese man committing suicide in a forest and made fun of the dead man and Asians in general. Jake doesn’t seem to be affected by any of these circumstances as he is still restless, unimpressed by the unraveling events in his world.

Height and Body Measurements

As a model and dancer, Tessa took part in gymnastics to obtain a magnificent figure. Her dress size is 8 (US) and she stands at 170 cm (5ft 7in). She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, weighs 57 kg and her body measurements are 34-25-36 inches (breasts-way-hip).

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Personal and Family Life, Quick Facts

Tessa Brooks is a stylish look and has managed to keep her private and family life away from social media. There is no information about her parents and the names of her sisters, although it is clear that she has a good relationship with her mother. She constantly posts on Facebook through her mother and says that she helps her when she is stressed and anxious.

The social media mogul is said to have made an appointment with his team 10-colleague Chance Sutton. Although the couple didn’t immediately admit that they were together, they both did a vlog, driving around together and Chance occasionally kissed their hands. Chance admitted their relationship on Instagram with a photo of the two together. The couple wanted to get married, but that wasn’t to be, because when they separated, the plans started in the first place. Tessa released a video informing her fans that they were no longer a couple, but still loved and respected each other as friends. Some of her fans attributed her retirement from Team 10 to her failed relationship, saying that it had become unbearable for her to be on the same team with her ex every day.

Did You Know That:

  • Tessa Brooks zodiac sign is Aries
  • Her favorite dessert is ice cream.
  • She once referred to it as her ‘boyfriend’
  • She began dancing at the age of two
  • She was part of the dance at the famous Carnation Theater for one of the Michael Jackson Tribute shows
  • Apart from dancing, Tessa loves swimming and playing with her pets
  • Talking of pets, she has quite a number of the – five dogs and one cat
  • She has a stepsister from her father.
  • Tessa earns about $120,000 annually from adverts on YouTube
  • Her parents are professional dancers
  • She is not the only child who picks after her parents. One of her elder sisters is a dancer too
  • Her favorite color was orange as a child but she loves blue colors now