Meet Yuri Alvear’s Parents

Meet Yuri Alvear’s Parents – Yuri Alvear Orejuela is a judo champion from Colombia. She has won three championships in her weight category at the World Championships. Yuri was born in a town called Jamundi, which is near Cali, Colombia. Her dad is a builder, and her mom takes care of the home. Yuri also has a brother named Harvey.

Who are Yuri Alvear’s Parents?

Yuri Alvear has a dad named Arnuy and a mom named Miryam. Her dad builds things and her mom takes care of the home.

Yuri Alvear’s Dad: Meet Arnuy

There is nothing much known about Yuri Alvear’s father, Arnuy, except that he is a construction worker/builder and he has always supported his daughter yuri throughout her career.

It’s not clear whether Yuri Alvear’s dad is still alive or not because she hasn’t talked about him. However, based on her age, it’s likely that he is in his late 60s or early 70s. At that age, he might not be able to do the construction work that he used to do.

What does Yuri Alvear’s Dad Do for a living?

Yuri Alvear’s dad, Arnuy, used to work in construction, but he’s probably not doing that anymore because he’s getting older. Yuri is also getting older, so we can guess that her dad is probably in his retirement age now.

Yuri Alvear’s Mom: Meet Miryam

Yuri Alvear’s mom, Miryam, is a housewife, but we don’t know much else about her since Yuri doesn’t talk about her much. Based on Yuri’s age, we can guess that her mom is probably in her 60s now. If she’s still alive, she might still be taking care of the family.

What does Yuri Alvear’s mom Do for a living?

Yuri Alvear’s mom housewife who has been taking care of the family and supporting them all throughout their lives.

Does Yuri Alvear have siblings?

Yuri Alvear has a brother named Harvey, but we don’t know much about him because Yuri hasn’t talked about him a lot. We can assume that he’s doing well in his own career, just like his sister Yuri.

Yuri Alvear’s family doesn’t like being in the news even though Yuri is a famous judoka athlete. They could use her fame to become famous too, but they don’t want to. They prefer to stay private and not share their lives with the public. They support Yuri, but they also want to have their own normal lives.