Spotlight on Robert De Niro’s Wife, Children and Their Astonishing Family Fortune
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In each industry, some key stakeholders define an aspect of the company or the whole area in no small way. For the film industry, Robert De Niro has distinguished himself as one of the scholarship holders who have had a major influence on the way films are made. The American actor has been active since 1963 and has also distinguished himself as a director and producer. De Niro has received a number of the most coveted awards in the industry for his efforts that have made him insanely famous and wealthy.

Insight Into Robert De Niro’s Family Life

Robert De Niro was married twice. His first marriage was to an actress and singer named Diahnne Abbott, who appeared alongside De Niro in the 1976 film Taxi Driver. The couple married the same year the film came out, but in 1988, just over a decade later, they were divorced.

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Raphael, the only child the couple had together, dreamed of becoming an actor like his father. But after starring in a few movies, he decided to dedicate himself to the real estate business. Besides Raphael, there’s Drena De Niro. The American actress was born on September 3, 1971. The abbot had Drena from a previous relationship and De Niro adopted her.

The model Toukie Smith was the next woman De Niro went out with, they never married. However, the famous actor had twin sons with her: Kendrick and Julian Henry De Niro, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization and born by a surrogate mother in 1995.

His Marriage to Grace Hightower and Their Kids 

Grace Hightower is the second woman the actor is married to. They met in 1987 when she was working as a waitress in a restaurant. They were married ten years later, in 1997, the ceremony took place at Niro’s house in Marbletown.

A year after their marriage, the couple welcomed their son Elliot, and the following year they separated. As fate would have it, their divorce plans never materialized. Robert De Niro and Grace renewed their vows in 2004. A few years later (2011) the couple’s second child and the actor’s sixth child were born. She was named Helen Grace.

How Much Is Robert De Niro’s Family Worth?

Robert De Niro only began to earn millions of dollars per role in the mid-1990s. He received about $14 million from Ronin (1998) and $8 million for Analyze This (1999). These figures increased with the turn of the millennium. For example, he earned $20 million for the sequel to Analyze That (2002), a figure that has become the norm for him. He earned the same amount for films like Meet the Fockers (2004) and its sequel Little Fockers (2010). Forbes once estimated his income at over $80 million between 2002 and 2004, and from 2019 it was estimated at $300 million.

Other Ways He Made His Millions

Acting is only one source of Robert De Niro’s wealth, as he has diversified his sources of income to include other things. He is co-owner of TriBeCa Productions, which operates the popular and highly successful Tribeca Film Festival, which generates $600 million annually.

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The actor also happens to be an investor in luxury hotels, as he owns the Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan, which is a preferred location for many celebrities. He also owns hotels scattered around the world, including The Wellington Hotel in London and a luxury resort in Nobu Manila in the Philippines. In recent years, Robert De Niro has collaborated with Australian billionaire James Packer on a $250 million project called Paradise Found, a luxury resort in Barbuda.

The Net Worth of De Niro’s Wife and Children 

The De Niro family is wealthy, as each person in the family has built up a fortune for themselves. De Niro’s wife Grace Hightower has had a career as an actress and singer but now runs a café. All of her sources of income have contributed to the $16 million in net worth that she owns.

Of his six children, Drena is his only child who has an acting career and has a net worth of $300,000. Elliot has the same net worth as his half-sister. Raphael, his first child, has the highest net worth of all his children, he has accumulated 126 million dollars from his real estate career.

Julian Henry, half of the twins is estimated at $5 million, while the net worth of Aaron, the second twin, is unknown. The same goes for Helen Grace, the actor’s youngest child.