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Shia Labeouf’s Dating Timeline, Relationship History, Past Girlfriends

Shia Labeouf’s Dating Timeline, Relationship History, Past Girlfriends
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Shia Labeouf’s groundbreaking role as a child actor dates back to the early 2000s when he played the title character in the Disney series Even Stevens. Since then he has made a smooth transition to a true Hollywood main character, with roles in blockbusters such as Disturbia (2007), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), and Michael Bay’s highly successful film series Transformers.

In addition to his busy Hollywood career as an actor and filmmaker, Shia Labeouf has also led an interesting private life. We will highlight the Hollywood star’s relationship history: high-profile ex-lovers/former girlfriends, major breakups, and everything there is to know about the love life of the eternal Hollywood heartbeat.

Shia Labeouf’s Dating Timeline

Shia Labeouf’s longest relationship to date is with the English actress and model Mia Goth. The couple first met in 2012 during the shooting of the two-part indie film Nymphomaniac. Over the years, both kept silent about their affair but had enough public appearances to confirm that they were indeed a couple. In March 2015, Mia Goth was spotted with a large diamond anesthetic device on her ring finger, fuelling speculation about a possible engagement, but this always private couple declined several requests for comment.

On October 10, 2016, Shia Labeouf and his long-time lover Mia Goth took their relationship one step further when they held an engagement ceremony in the highly famous wedding chapel of Viva Las Vegas. The $700 ceremony, which was presided over by an Elvis Presley impersonator, led many onlookers to believe that the couple actually entered into the bond of marriage. Later, however, city officials confirmed that the ceremony was not legally binding because no marriage license was issued.

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Although their relationship survived an average Hollywood relationship, this long-term couple also had their fair share of hiccups over the years. In July 2015, a video appeared in the media in which the couple had a violent argument on the streets of Germany. Labeouf and Goth allegedly split up for a few months after the infamous video, and the Transformer star allegedly moved in with his American honey co-star Sasha Lane. In November 2015, however, they got together again and continued their torn romance.

His Past Girlfriends and Relationship History

China Brezner

The dating of Shia Labeouf goes back to his earlier years as a Hollywood star, he had a pretty intense relationship with the model and former actress China Brezner. The duo reportedly met on the set of the biopic The Greatest Game Ever Played, which was co-produced by his father Larry Brezner.

At the time of the meeting, China Brezner was scheduled to enroll in a college in Massachusetts, but the teenager in love moved to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles to be closer to the Hollywood star. Their relationship was very public and also relatively long-term, as it lasted from 2004 to 2007.

Brezner’s only acting achievement is a short cameo in the 1998 film Krippendorf’s Stamm, which was also co-produced by her father. Since then she has pursued a career in clinical psychology.

Megan Fox

While shooting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the second part of the Transformers film series, Shia Labeouf made friends with his gorgeous co-star Megan Fox. Their romance was short, as it only lasted a few months in 2008, but she has remained a favorite in Shia Labeouf’s dating timeline.

The affair has been confirmed by Labeouf, although Fox has kept quiet on the subject. Although she never really saw the light of day, this brief affair is said to have been a distant cause of the failure of Fox’s marriage to actor Brian Austin Green in 2015.

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Carey Mulligan

Shia Labeouf’s relationship with the English actress and singer Carey Mulligan goes back to her time on the set of the drama “Wall Street”: money never sleeps. Their relationship began in August 2009 and lasted just over a year. The duo split up in October 2010, and according to Labeouf, the separation was due to big differences in their lifestyles; Mulligan wanted to settle down quickly and start a family, while he was not ready to take this step at that time.

Karolyn Pho

After his separation from actress and singer Carey Mulligan, the actor met stylist Karolyn Cho in early 2011, which earned her a place in the dating timeline of Shia Labeouf. The duo is said to have met at a karaoke club in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles in early 2011.

The couple enjoyed a relatively happy relationship until August 2012, when they publicly argued that Labeouf had been cast to play some vivid sex scenes in the highly controversial film Nymphomaniac. This disagreement finally culminated in the couple’s separation in November 2012.