Home Media personality Celestia Vega Bio, Age, Height, Family, Marriage and Affairs

Celestia Vega Bio, Age, Height, Family, Marriage and Affairs

Celestia Vega Bio, Age, Height, Family, Marriage and Affairs

Celestia Vega is a porn star and a controversial social media personality. She has made quite an impression over the years through the number of views, followers, and subscribers she has gained on social media. You can hardly overlook her achievement now, even if you wanted to. Her biography, her height, her family, her marriage, her affairs are discussed in detail.

Celestia Vega Bio, Height

Celestia Vega was born on 12 August 1998 in California, United States. Apart from the fact that she has become a very popular personality in social media thanks to her large following, very little is known about her. Her journey to the stars of social media began with Twitch (a live video streaming medium launched in 2011 and owned by Twitch Interactive), where she gained popularity as a gamer girl, before moving on to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Her Social Media Career

It began publishing videos on YouTube in 2015 and has gained over 560,000 subscribers, which is truly commendable. As a YouTube star, her content consists mainly of porn and the use of vulgar and obscene languages. She also masturbates live while filming her videos for her fans, which has made her videos unsuitable for minors.

In November 2017, she released a video informing her subscribers that she will release a porn video on December 25. This increased the subscriptions on her YouTube channel by more than 100,00 new subscriptions. True to her promise, she published the video with an “X” rating through the online site PornHub, but later that day her video was tagged on YouTube and no one could access it, much to the disappointment of her fans. Later she apologized to her teeming fans and expectant viewers and let them know that she is trying to correct her misunderstanding with PornHub and will release the video soon.

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Apart from making videos, she is a porn star and a model. Over the years she has changed her hair color from black to brown, red, purple, green, and blue. She originally has black hair and blue eyes. She claims not to have a boyfriend because she is heterosexual. She has a boyfriend who keeps appearing in her videos, which her fans sometimes know. She is another YouTube star known as Zoie Burhger. In 2017, Celestia Vega released a video entitled Porn with a Million that caused a lot of controversies.

The video also strained her relationship with Zoie, who announced to the YouTube community that she was breaking off all business relations with the Vlogger. Zoie emphasized that her relationship as a friend remains intact, but her (Celestina’s) very explicit video content on YouTube does not do her (Zoie’s) audience, whom she (Celestina) describes as underage, any good, and as such she does not want to be a part of it. She also claims that it will affect the brand she is trying to grow in social media.

Zoie says she is not against her friend’s decision to become a porn star, but she is aware of the “silent stigma” that arises from such behavior in the real world. Even though she is her friend and supports her efforts, whatever they are, she knows that it is “a significant step” away from what they wanted to achieve together, hence her decision to end their business relationship while maintaining their friendship.

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Celestia Vega Height, Social Media

Celestia Vega is a popular YouTube star and she is 1.5 meters 6 inches tall. Most girls love pink, and Celestia is no exception as she is an ardent lover of pink. At Twitch she has 700,000 followers. On Twitter, she has 310,000 subscribers, and on YouTube over 560,000. Her zodiac sign is Leo, who was born on August 12th. She is an atheist and suffers from depression and anxiety.

Family, Marriage, and Affairs

The young YouTuber has done a good job separating her social media life from her family life. Information about her family members remains unknown, although she still lives in her native California. She is a young, unmarried girl who has never been married and has no children. At least there are no documents to prove otherwise. She is pansexual.