Sheila Keen Warren Convicted of Murdering Marlene Warren: Husband's Affair Exposed
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Sheila Keen Warren Convicted of Murdering Marlene Warren: Husband’s Affair Exposed: Sheila Keen Warren was found guilty of murdering Marlene Warren the wife of her lover Michael Warren after nearly three decades of investigation.

The 59-year-old woman entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder bringing the murder case in Wellington Florida to a close.

Marlene Warren answered the door to a clown carrying flowers and balloons on that fateful day in May 1990. After presenting the gifts to Marlene the clown pulled out a gun and shot her in the face before casually strolling back to a white convertible and driving away. Until recent breakthroughs in the investigation, the killer remained a mystery.

The Murder Affair and Motive

Michael Warren’s affair with Sheila Keen a woman who repossessed cars for his dealership was quickly discovered by investigators. They ate together frequently and even shared an apartment. Their extramarital affair provided them with a compelling reason to assassinate Marlene Warren.

Sheila Keen Warren and Michael Warren were both suspects in the murder case but Sheila’s DNA was discovered on a hair found in the getaway car years later. With this evidence, she was finally apprehended for Marlene Warren’s murder.

Sentence of Sheila Keen Warren

Sheila Keen Warren received a 12-year prison sentence in exchange for her guilty plea and will be given credit for the 2039 days she has already spent in prison. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Scott Suskauer accepted the plea and justice was finally served for Marlene Warren and her family.

Michael Warren Sheila Keen Warren’s husband

Michael Warren previously married Marlene Warren with whom he had a successful marriage. The couple resided in the opulent Wellington Aero Club a private aeronautical community complete with a landing strip and roadways connecting each residence. Michael ran a car dealership and Marlene managed their rental properties.

However, as the Sun-Sentinel reported in 1990 Michael was having an affair with Sheila Keen a repossessed car dealer. Years after they were suspected of murdering Marlene Warren they married and opened a restaurant in Tennessee.

With Sheila Keen Warren’s guilty plea, the murder case that lasted 27 years has finally come to an end. While justice was served it is tragic that Marlene Warren died in such a violent and senseless manner. The community hopes that her family will be able to move on from this traumatic experience.

The Reaction of the Community

The arrest and subsequent guilty plea of Sheila Keen Warren shocked the community. The murder case had gone unsolved for nearly three decades and many people had given up hope of ever finding the perpetrator.

Marlene Warren’s family and friends who had been waiting for justice for so long were relieved by the news.

The community also offered their condolences and support to Marlene Warren’s family. The murder had been a terrible tragedy for many people and the community hoped that the guilty verdict would bring some peace to those who had been affected.

Lessons Discovered

The murder of Marlene Warren and the subsequent arrests of Sheila Keen Warren and her husband Michael Warren serve as a reminder that justice can take time but it is ultimately worthwhile to pursue.

The case also emphasizes the importance of following up on all leads and any evidence no matter how minor.

The community hopes that this case will result in more effective law enforcement practices and that Marlene Warren’s tragic death will not be in vain.

The murder of Marlene Warren and the subsequent arrest and guilty plea of Sheila Keen Warren brought an end to a nearly three-decade-long investigation.

The community hopes that this case will serve as a reminder that while justice may take time it is ultimately worthwhile to pursue.

The community also extends condolences to Marlene Warren’s family and friends hoping that they can find some peace now that the killer has been apprehended.

The case is a tragic reminder of the devastation that violence can have on families and communities as well as the importance of preventing such tragedies in the future.