Shakira had lice and confesses the peculiar way of killing them

The singer Shakira made a confession that left thousands of her followers speechless, she acknowledged that when she was a child she had pediculosis, a complicated problem suffered by millions of children, but the dangerous thing for the Colombian is that they killed the lice with baygon.

In an interview they conducted with the Colombian, she was asked if she had pediculosis at some point in her childhood and, without hiding it, she acknowledged that she did.

“I did get lice. Who didn’t?” In Barranquilla, how hot it is. Imagine!” Said the Colombian singer, who has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks for her success of Music Session #53, which broke many records and has more than 200 million views.

But the funny thing is how her mother did to end the problem, and that is that Shakira’s mother used “baygon”, an insecticide with which creeping animals such as crickets, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and others are killed.

How Shakira’s lice killed her.

“But my mom used to throw me something called ‘Baygon'”, confessed the singer, which caused a lot of laughter and surprise at her confession, “and good luck, never again, you see! My mother is a woman of determination”, he concluded.

The Colombian continues to bill after the success of Music Session #53 and with new plans, such as the song that she will premiere with Karol G, a song that they say will bring other hints against Gerard Piqué, her ex-partner and father of her two children, who He was unfaithful to the South American.