Charley Bates Murder Case: Meet His Parents
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Charley Bates Murder Case: Meet His Parents: Charley Bates was a 16-year-old boy from England who tragically died in 2022. He was close to his family members and his death left everyone devastated.

Helen Freeman (Mother) and Andrew (Father) had a baby named Charley in England. He was raised alongside his sister Lily. Charley’s family is in great pain and sadness because of his loss.

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What Happened to Charley Bates?

Charley Bates was stabbed to death by another teenager named Joshua Delbono on July 31, 2022. The incident took place in a car park in The Street Radstock.

It all started when Delbono and his friends had a fight with Bates and his friends over an alleged £20 drug debt. In the fight that ensued Delbono stabbed Bates several times with a knife and Charley lost his life.

Emergency services were called to the scene but it was too late and Charley was declared dead.

Joshua Delbono’s Trial and Sentencing

Joshua Delbono said he stabbed Charley Bates, but he said he was defending a friend and didn’t mean to kill him. Recently Joshua was found guilty by a Bristol Crown Court jury of killing Charley Bates.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment and he must serve a minimum of 21 years before he is eligible for parole. The judge described the fight as starting with fists but things escalated and turned deadly when Joshua grabbed a knife.

Charley Bates Parents

Charley Bates was a kind loyal and creative boy according to his father Andrew. His mother Helen described Charley’s death as utterly heart-breaking. The Bates family is relieved that the murderer has been found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Charley’s sister Lily is also saddened by her brother’s death and she said that it was the cruelest act that took her brother.

The tragic death of Charley Bates has left his family friends and community in mourning. Joshua Delbono’s actions have caused irreparable damage to many people’s lives.

We must all remember to think before we act and to always choose non-violent solutions to conflicts. Let’s honor Charley Bates by striving to create a peaceful world where everyone is safe and valued.