Ross From Friends – Everything About The Music Producer
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Ross From Friends is well known for his production of British house and electronic music, and although he has only just arrived on the music scene, he is making waves and proving his competence as one of the key players in the world of music. Among many other musicians, Ross From Friends has been signed to perform at Coachella 2019, an achievement that puts him further into the spotlight. To learn more about the music producer, read on.

Background Details

Felix Clary Weatherall was born in Brightlingsea in Essex, an area close to the more popular Colchester. His exact date of birth is not known, but he was born around 1993 and 1994, and he also spent most of his childhood in this area.

Not much is known about his childhood or immediate family, but it is believed that Weatherall was born into a musically inclined family. His father designed the electronic sound systems used for live shows and also worked as a DJ specializing in playing high-energy music from the ’80s, also known as Hi-NRG, and Italo disco.

Growing up around a father who was heavily involved in music-making had a huge impact on Weatherall’s career, and in 2015 he had his debut single.

Just like information about his family, very little is known about his educational background.

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Origin Of The Name – Ross From Friends

The nickname “Ross of the Friends” has fascinated fans, and every time he is asked why he calls himself “Ross of the Friends”, he tells a different story. One of the stories includes top trump cards from characters from the sitcom Friends. Another one is about the forced viewing of the series because a DVD was stuck in a player. Whatever version of the story is true, the name got stuck.

On April 1, 2018, Mixmag magazine published a prank article containing a lawsuit by David Schwimmer, the actor who played Ross in Friends and allegedly had problems with Weatherall.

Ross From Friends’ Music Career

Ross From Friends – Everything About The Music Producer
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His music career officially began in 2015 with the release of Talk to Me You’ll Understand. Before this release, he had worked with several bands and had some solo projects, but his big breakthrough and announcement to the world came through the above-mentioned song.

For “Talk to Me You’ll Understand” it took him more than six months to write and compose this song. However, all the time he spent on this song paid off, as he received over four million hits on YouTube. This was a great achievement for an underground artist on his debut track. He drew inspiration for the song from various sources and described the creative process as one that demanded a lot of raw emotion from him.

However, after the success he enjoyed with the song he had worked so hard on, he moved on to other projects. One of these projects was Alex Brown, which he released in harmony with his own record label called Breaker Breaker.

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Things began to improve for him, and as he rose as a musician, he decided to spend more time playing live shows. During live performances, he deconstructed his music and removed the electrical elements of the songs while replacing them with more organic musical instruments, which he did with two of his friends.

He called the show a three-man show, and it was an idea he had been playing with for a long time. The process of deconstructing it took a total of four months, but in the end, it came out the way he wanted it to.

Ross From Friends is currently under contract with the label Brainfeeder, owned by American DJ Steven Ellison, commonly known as Flying Lotus. He signed with the label when Flying Lotus “slipped into his DMs” and offered him a job with the label.

An important fact about the musician is that he hates to be called a lo-fi artist because this refers to bad music production, and although this is a genre that has a large fan base, Ross From Friends would rather be called an electronic music producer he is. Weatherall has an album that he released with the Brainfeeder.