Rosa Acosta Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family and Quick Facts

Rosa Acosta Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family and Quick Facts

Rosa Acosta is a name that has been known in the entertainment scene since the late 2000s. As an urban glamour model, ballet dancer, video woman (formerly), actress, fitness trainer, and businesswoman, Acosta continues to expand her brand over the years. In 2016, she added a reality TV star to her repertoire, after having appeared as a supporting actress in the third season of the successful VH1 show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Rosa appeared on the show as the love object of one of the show’s leading actresses, Nikki Mudarris, and later admitted that she really has a thing for women.

Rosa Acosta Bio/Family/Wiki

Acosta was born on 30 April 1984 in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. At a very early age, she developed a passion for acting and at the age of 4, she began to refine her talent by enrolling in classical ballet training.

Rosa Acosta Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family and Quick Facts
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Acosta performed incredible feats and became the youngest solo dancer at the Ballet Nacional Dominicano until 2002. She was just 18 years old. She later graduated with distinction from the Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA). With such early successes, it didn’t take long for the world to learn who Rosa was.

Two years later, she tried her hand at modeling and began working with the well-known companies in her hometown, DR. Her pretty face and extremely hot body paved the way for quick success in the modeling industry.

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Rosa then moved to the United States of America to find better-paid gigs that would bring her into the mainstream. Business in the USA was certainly better for Rosa when the big fashion brands called. In 2009 she was voted Eye Candy of the Year by XXL.

Although not part of her original plan, she began taking video gigs with vixens and appearing in music videos, including Omarion’s video for “Come And Talk To Me”, Juelz Santana’s “Back to the Crib”, Trey Songz’ “Na-Na”, Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya”, Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”, Mario’s “Break Up” and more.

In 2010 and 2012 Rosa was voted Cover Model of the Year at the Urban Model Awards.

XXL named her the hottest eye candy of all time in 2012 after a survey covering the magazine’s eye candy over the past 15 years.

In addition to the music videos, Rosa also took on a few actor appearances in Still a Teen Movie from 2009, where she portrayed Luz. In 2012, she played the role of Sophia Blanco in the original TV series Hot 97, Los Blancos.

Her other acting achievements include Bird (2014), the television series The Playboy Morning Show and Facade: Chapter 4, and she appears frequently on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

Rosa has also signed several sponsorship deals. She served as brand ambassador for the Moriche Palm Diet, which was the face of 9FIVE eyewear in 2012 and the face of Smoke Liquor in 2013.

From 2015 Rosa started to focus more on fitness efforts. As an entrepreneur, Rosa opened her own clothing boutique called Cossamia on 7600 Melrose Boulevard in October 2015. The boutique is also available online at In September 2017 she launched her “Rosa” By Rosa Acosta perfume.

Rosa Acosta Wiki
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Rosa Acosta has, untypically for models, met some famous names in the industry. In 2011, at the height of her modeling career, she was in a relationship with Rob Kardashian, which led to her appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Sometime in March 2017, she was associated with the rapper French Montana, who also has a history with the Kardashians (he was briefly with Khloe Kardashian). An Instagram post by the two led to the speculation, but they never confirmed the relationship.

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According to this article by XoNecole, Acosta was raised for the most part by her grandparents because her mother, a single mother, had immigrated to the United States to find greener pastures and could not quite afford the finances to bring Acosta over for more than 10 years.

When Rosa came to the US in 2006, she lived with her father in Pennsylvania before moving to New York where she made ends meet as a bartender. Soon after, her performances as a video fix began.

Acosta has a brother named DJ Smoke, who is not only a disc jockey but also a music artist. He has a few albums under his belt, including It’s Weezy Baby and D Mack. Some of his songs are Shoga, New York Represent, Dancing Feet, and Keep it Moving.

When Rosa came to fame and fortune, she made her family comfortable by buying a house.

Rosa Acosta Net Worth: $500,000

Rosa fits into many hats, and as a result, she has earned a fairly decent living and achieved a net worth estimated at half a million dollars.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Rosa Acosta

Birthday: April 30, 1984

Birth Sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Dominican Republic

Family: DJ SMoke

Known For: Modeling, Fitness Personality, Video Vixen, Reality Star

Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)