Angus Crichton’s Spouse?

Angus Crichton and Morgan Mitchell were a very strong couple in sports in Australia. People called them a power couple. Morgan Mitchell was Angus Crichton’s wife.

Morgan Mitchell Biography

Mitchell started doing athletics in the year 2000 because she was inspired by another Australian athlete named Cathy Freeman. Freeman did very well in the Olympics that were held in Sydney. Mitchell was only 12 years old when she stopped doing athletics so that she could concentrate on playing netball.

In the year 2012, Mitchell went back to doing athletics after taking a break. Before that, she represented Australia in sports events for younger athletes.

Mitchell’s mom is from Australia, but her dad is from the United States. He used to play professional basketball there. Mitchell’s dad is African American. He moved to Australia from the United States.

Morgan Mitchell Nationality

Morgan Mitchell is from Australia. She is an Australian.

Morgan Mitchell’s Net Worth

People believe that Morgan Mitchell has about $2 million in money and assets.

How Old Is Morgan Mitchell?

Morgan Mitchell was born on October 3rd in the year 1994. That means She is now 28 years old.

Morgan Mitchell’s Height & Weight

Morgan Mitchell is about 1.77 meters tall. he weighs 63 kilograms.

What Does Morgan Mitchell Do For A Living?

Morgan Mitchell is an athlete from Australia. She does sports professionally.

Morgan Mitchell Career

In the year 2015, Mitchell was in a sports event called the World Championships. She ran in a race that was 4 x 400 meters long. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the finals because she lost in the semifinals.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics, Mitchell represented Australia in two races: the Women’s 400-meter race and the Women’s 4 x 400-meter relay race. She did sports events for her country.

The best time that Mitchell has ever run the 400-meter race is 51.25 seconds. She did this in Birmingham in the year 2016.

In the year 2019, Mitchell started doing a different race called the 800 meters. She got better at this race very quickly. She did really well and made a new record for herself. She finished the race in 2 minutes and 6 hundredths of a second.

When Mitchell began doing a different sports event, she got a new coach named Elizabeth Mathews. Mathews helped her get better at running long distances. Mitchell started running 60 to 70 kilometers every week, which is much more than the 15 kilometers she used to run when she did sprints.

In the year 2020, Mitchell was in the Tokyo Olympics. She ran in a race called the Women’s 800 meters. Her time was 2 minutes and 5.44 seconds. She came in sixth place in her heat. Unfortunately, something happened, and she was not allowed to continue in the race. This is called disqualification.