Missing Boy Rasheem Carter Found Dead with Severed Head - Autopsy photos & Case Update
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Missing Boy Rasheem Carter Found Dead with Severed Head – Autopsy photos & Case Update: People want to see pictures of Rasheem Carter’s body after he died. Rasheem’s family says that some white men scared him and followed him before he disappeared in a way that nobody knows what happened.

People want to look at pictures of Rasheem Carter’s body after he died. Some people think that what happened to Rasheem is like what happened to Emmett Till a long time ago when he was killed because he was Black. Last year, Rasheem went missing in Mississippi and then someone found his body. Now, people are talking about whether he was killed like in a lynching.

Rasheem Carter’s family says that some people wanted to hurt him before he disappeared in October last year. The Police in the area thought that there was nothing bad happening, but now the results of the autopsy say something different. WJTV news says that the autopsy shows that something bad did happen to Rasheem.

People found the bones of Rasheem Carter’s body on November 2, and a human rights lawyer named Ben Crump talked about the results of the autopsy at a news conference in Jackson, the capital of the state. Ben Crump said that the autopsy showed that there were other injuries on Rasheem’s body that were very bad.

Missing Boy Rasheem Carter Found Dead with Severed Head – Autopsy photos & Case Update

You can’t find pictures of Rasheem Carter’s body after he died on the internet. On October 2, Rasheem was in Laurel, which is about 30 minutes away from Taylorsville. He was working in Taylorsville. People last saw Rasheem when he left a Super 8 hotel.

Rasheem Carter Photos Shown By his parents
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People found Rasheem Carter’s body in a rural area of Taylorsville on private land. Rasheem’s family says that before he disappeared, some white guys in the area scared him and followed him.

The day before Rasheem disappeared, his family says that he went to the Taylorsville Police station. Rasheem told the officials there that some guys were chasing him and he was scared they might hurt him.

When Rasheem asked the Police to take him to the Super 8 hotel in Laurel, they said no. Rasheem didn’t have a car at the time, and his family says that the Police couldn’t help him with that.

The next morning, Rasheem went back to the Police station, but this time he was on foot. He asked for help again, but the Police still said no. Rasheem’s family says that he begged the Police to help him, but they didn’t.

Rasheem supposedly told his mother to investigate if something bad happened to him in that area because some white men were trying to hurt him.

Rasheem’s cousin, Shonda Wright, told WLBT that Rasheem talked to his mom, Tiffany. He told her that some white guys in a white truck were trying to hurt him. He didn’t tell her the names of the guys.

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Rasheem disappeared completely, and nobody knew where he was. The Smith County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook the day after they found Rasheem’s body, saying that nothing strange happened.

Rasheem Carter: Age and Case Information

Rasheem was born in Fayette, Mississippi in October 1996, and he grew up there. He was killed very cruelly when he was 25 years old. They found his body in a forested area in a rural part of Taylorsville.

Rasheem played baseball and football and finished high school in 2015. Then he went to a community college to study cutting and welding.

People who knew Carter said that he was kind, friendly, and liked making money. They also said that he started a fish company in Fayette.

A report from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety says that Rasheem lived in Vicksburg before he went missing.

When the pandemic caused food prices to go up, Carter was not able to grow his restaurant business in Vicksburg and other cities as he planned.

On October 2, the day Carter went missing, he called the police for help, and it was the last time his family heard from him.

The police found Rasheem’s body in a country area of Mississippi on November 2nd.