Eugene Mulder Arrested for Murdering Hannes Van Dyk in Phalaborwa
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Eugene Mulder Arrested for Murdering Hannes Van Dyk in Phalaborwa: Eugene Mulder was taken into custody and went to court because he was accused of killing Hannes van Dyk. Can you tell me more about what happened?

The police caught a young man named Eugene Mulder who is 19 years old. He is accused of killing a man who was 59 years old. On Saturday, 11 March the Police received a call to go to the Phalaborwa at Royal Bliss Bar around 1 am. They went there because there was a report of an assault causing injury.

When the Police arrived they saw a businessman named Hannes van Dyk lying on the ground unconscious bleeding from his mouth. The man’s name was Van Dyk and his age was 29. The Police took him to the hospital after they found him hurt. Sadly he died from his injuries later that day.

The Police looked into what happened and found out that Van Dyk and his friend were Drunk at the bar. Then something happened between them and the suspect. They got into a fight and Van Dyk fell hurting himself.

Eugene Mulder Arrested for Murdering Hannes Van Dyk in Phalaborwa

The Police arrested Eugene Mulder who is 19 years old. They took him to court because they think he killed Hannes Van Dyk. People on Facebook said that Van Dyk was a very well-known businessman and a good person. They talked about how much they liked him.

Van Dyk owned a company called Multitech with someone else. He had three grown-up sons who are still alive. Unfortunately, someone hurt Van Dyk at the Phalaborwa in Royal Bliss Bar on Saturday, March 11, 2023.

Someone told the Police what happened and they quickly went to the place. They saw the victim bleeding on the ground when they got there. As soon as the Police arrived they started a case and looked for the suspect named Eugene. They found him later and charged him with murder. Motlafela Mojapelo said that the victim was taken to the closest hospital to get help but he died later because of his injuries.

Motlafela said that what happened was bad and wrong. He also reminded people who sell alcohol that they need to make sure their place is safe and that no one gets hurt there.

The person who did this is in jail right now. The Police are still looking into what happened so they will keep the suspect in jail until Thursday, March 2023.

What Caused Eugene Mulder to Kill Hannes Van Dyk?

Eugene Mulder hurt and killed Hannes van Dyk, who was a famous businessman and 59 years old, at a bar in Phalaborwa. They had a fight, and Eugene Mulder hurt Hannes van Dyk badly.

The Police investigated what happened and found that Van Dyk and his friend were at a bar drinking when they started arguing with a 19-year-old person also there. The argument became a fight.

Young men in their late teens and early twenties are playing a dangerous game called “drop a toppie,” which involves targeting and attacking older men for no reason. There have been many reports of these types of attacks happening lately.

These groups of young men visit bars and find older men to bother. They keep bothering the older man until they get into a fight and then they hurt him. News24 said that Van Dyk was hit hard on his head and fell to the ground at the bar counter.

The bar where the fight happened posted online that the families of the victim and the suspect are not allowed to come back to the bar.