Meteorologist: Is Sue Palka Pregnant? Meet Her Husband Joe And Family Ethnicity

Meteorologist: Is Sue Palka Pregnant? Meet Her Husband Joe And Family Ethnicity

Meteorologist: Is Sue Palka Pregnant? Meet Her Husband Joe And Family Ethnicity: Sue Palka a meteorologist recently joined the “Like It or Not” team as a special guest in the fourth chair. But when she strolled in with a large baby bump she surprised everyone. Is the TV star expecting a child?

Sue Palka is a well-known journalist meteorologist and shows host. She came to prominence as a result of her work with the FOX5 news channel.

Palka held the position of a senior meteorologist for more than 36 years before retiring in March 2022. She is now a FOX 5 on-air reporter.

Sue has six Emmys to her name. She is also known for her role in the 1989 picture The War of the Roses.

Meteorologist: Is Sue Palka Pregnant?

Sue Palka a meteorologist is not expecting a child. The mother of two made an appearance on Like It or Not with a large baby bulge. However, the celebrity weathercaster was simply being herself and the pregnancy bump was a ruse.

Palka is in her late sixties. At that age, it is nearly impossible for a lady to become pregnant. As a result, the popular weatherwoman was most likely joking in order to spice up her appearance on the program.

Many individuals have inquired as to whether Sue Palka is expecting another child. Some have also taken to social media to clarify that the famous weatherman is not pregnant.

Meteorologist: Is Sue Palka Pregnant? Meet Her Husband Joe And Family Ethnicity

Meet Sue Palka’s Husband Joe And Their Kids

Sue Palka has a happy marriage with her spouse Joe. The pair married at least four decades ago. They have been raising a happy household together since then.

The TV personality and her husband have two children Elizabeth and Nora. Sue Palka and Joe Palka’s first child is Elizabeth. She was born in the year 1985. Sue was expecting her first kid when she joined FOX5 and she gave birth just a few months later.

Nora the gifted meteorologist’s second daughter was born four years later in 1989. Joe and Sue Palka’s daughters/children have grown up and established their own identities.

They even have their own household. Sue and Joe became grandparents in 2017 when their first granddaughter Anastasia was born.

Sue Palka Family Background And Ethnicity

In the 1950s the famous meteorologist was born in Erie Pennsylvania. Her parents frequently took her to see her aunt uncle and relatives in Washington D.C.

They were from a snow belt where snowfall averaged over 100 inches per season so they were interested in learning about the area’s past. When her uncle aunt and cousins informed her that schools were frequently closed due to as little as 2 inches of snow she thought it was hilarious.

Sue noted on FOX 5’s blog that she never imagined she’d get to forecast the same school-closing 2′′ at 5 6 9 10 and 11 p.m.

She covered hurricanes on the ground and from the air inside the famous Hurricane Hunter’s aircraft during her time as a chief meteorologist at FOX 5. In Curacao, she chased tornadoes and watched a complete solar eclipse.

“Several life events including riding in a hot air balloon paddling a boat in the Tidal Basin the president lighting the National Christmas Tree and for a few years while my daughters were smaller Halloween at my House” she added.

The best part according to Sue Palka is continually meeting her viewers in person to provide travel weather forecasts.