Where Is Joelle Anoa'i Now? Untold Truth About Her
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Joelle Anoa’i is the daughter of WWE superstar and former CFL and NFL football player Roman Reigns and his wife Galina Becker. Reigns once said that being a father to his children, including Joelle, whom he calls JoJo, is his most important job.

While Reigns is perhaps one of the most polarising figures in WWE history, one thing that is undisputed about him is the fact that he is a family man. Reigns have mentioned and referred to how much his eldest daughter, Joel, means to him on numerous occasions.

Reigns once after winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2015, turned to Twitter to dedicate that victory to Joella, wishing her a happy seventh birthday.

Below are many other similar incidents that show the strong bond between the current WWE Champion and his daughter. Also included are some notable occasions when Joelle made headlines.

How Old Is Roman Reigns’ Daughter, Joelle Anoa’i? 

Born on 14 December 2008 in Tampa, Florida, the daughter of the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion Joelle Anoa’i is now 14 years old.

Reigns’ Career When He Became The Father Of Joelle Anoa’i

Reigns became Joelle’s father several years before his involvement in combat sports. A month before his daughter’s birth, Reigns was a football player, having signed with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League, where he played for one season.

He left the CFL in November 2008, a month before his daughter was born. Almost two years after becoming Joelle’s father, Reigns signed with WWE in July 2010.

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Joelle’s Siblings

Joelle is the eldest of Reigns and his wife Becker’s five children. Each of her younger siblings has two sets of twins.

Her first two twin brothers were born eight years later, in 2016. Then in 2020, Joelle’s father Roman announced that his wife Galina was pregnant again with another set of twins.

And in May 2020, Anoa’i became the elder sibling of another set of twins, although Reyn has not yet revealed their gender. Becker’s husband Reince has said he would “love” to have more children and that he is looking forward to finally retiring and spending most of his time at home with his wife and children.

When Joelle was the only child of Roman Reyns and Galina Becker, the former had said that he hoped to have more children in the future. He revealed these thoughts in an interview on Unfiltered With Renee Young.

“I would love to, yeah. My mom said a long time ago, ‘Babies are blessings,”

said the three-meter, three-centimeter wrestler. He also said at the time that he wanted to devote himself fully to fatherhood after retiring from combat sports.

Roman Reigns Has Joelle Anoa’i In One Of His Tattoos

Among Reigns’ ink spots on his wrists is a small tattoo of a turtle, which the former guard has camouflaged among his other ink art. The tattoo, like many of his other works of art, has a deep meaning.

According to Reigns, the turtle marks his relationship with his daughter. In an interview, the Florida-born wrestler explained the meaning of the turtle: “What the turtle is is very significant,

“This tattoo is from my daughter, Joelle. It describes my daughter, who is present with me but no one needs to know. This tattoo was done by me on my wrist so everyone can see it.”

The turtle in Samoan culture symbolizes family, well-being, longevity, and peace. Reigns said in an interview that he likes the tattoo on the inside “because not everyone can see it”.

Anoa’i family member and former WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has similar tribal tattoos on his upper body. Johnson’s tattoo, like that of Reigns, also features his family; on The Rock’s chest are o lo’u to’a/ua (his wife Dany) and o lo’u afafine (his daughter Simone Alexandra).

The Time When Reigns Tried To Embarrass His Daughter, Joelle Anoa’i

Roman Reigns once made sure his daughter stayed in the holiday spirit. Appearing on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in November 20121, the Pensacola-born singer shared a rare glimpse into his father’s life.

With Fallon, Reigns talked about how he had upset his then 13-year-old daughter, Joelle, by taking her to school. Speaking about the incident, Roman said,

“She’s about to turn 14, she’s the handful right now. She was explaining to me that right now the whole Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a big thing, they’re trying to cancel this whole situation and Mariah Carey, and that’s just crazy to me.”

Reigns then added how he made his older girlfriend uncomfortable by playing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” just as he was about to take Joel to school.

The former CFL player said it was terrifying for her daughter, especially as five of her friends were watching the whole situation.

Moreover, just when Joelle thought she had it all figured out, Reines said his daughter “shut the door as fast as she could” until she realized “she had a project in the back seat” and her father turned on the music a second time.

Joelle Appeared Alongside Her Father In A Commercial Video; Is She An Actress? 

Although she is not an actress, Joelle has appeared once with her father in a promotional video. Joelle Anoa’i, the first daughter of Reigns and his wife, appeared with her father in a promotional video in 2014.

It was part of a series of ads featuring fathers with their children, which ended with the message: “Take time to be a dad today.” These ads were sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services and by Titus O’Neill, who is also featured in one of their videos.

In the video, Reince and his daughter Joel are having a tea party. WWE later broadcast some behind-the-scenes footage on their YouTube channel, during which Joelle’s father talks about the importance of being a father.

In the video, the father of five says,

“As a man, to be a successful father, that’s everything for me. If you’re having a bad day as an individual, wipe your schedule clean and have daddy-daughter time. That’s the type of stuff that helps me out and levels me out. If I just hear her little voice, I’m good to go.”

In a behind-the-scenes video, Advertising Council Vice President Rowena Patrick reveals that Joelle Anoa’i was “very seriously into her tea party”. Patrick recalled that Joelle strongly disdained sweet tea and iced tea when asked if she would like them.

Joelle’s Mother, Galina Becker, And Her Relationship With Roman Reigns

Joelle’s parents, Galina Becker and Roman Reigns met when they were students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her mother was a track athlete and her father was a football player.

They got engaged in February 2012, although they only announced their engagement in early 2014.

They were married in December 2014 on the private island of Castaway in the Bahamas, to the wedding song A Whole New World from the 1992 animated film Aladdin. Joelle Anoa’i’s mother, Galina Becker, is a former college athlete who was the Most Valuable Player of her college team in her first, second and third seasons.

She competed in the long jump, triple jump, and hurdles. Florida-born Joel’s mother has won several regional titles in the long jump and triple jump.

In fact, Becker still holds the Central Coast Section record in the triple jump at 40’5 meters. In addition, she was a regional title winner in her sophomore and junior years. While in college, the mother of Reigns’ children also clocked a season-best time of 9.48 seconds in the 60m hurdles.

Galina also competed in the 100 m hurdles; during the 2005-2006 season, she appeared at the Georgia Tech Invitational, finishing in 14.92 seconds in the 100 m hurdles. In addition, to track and field running, Joelle’s mother, Galina, was also into volleyball, and she was obviously a good volleyball player.

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Joelle Anoa’i Was Briefly In WWE’s Storyline 

In 2015, Joelle became part of one of WWE’s short storylines in a way, when Bray Wyatt, wrestling Roman Reigns, actually used photos of her as part of his promo.

On the June 15, 2015, episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired a few days before Father’s Day, the leader of the Wyatt family, Brey, was holding a photo of Reigns with his daughter, Joelle. While doing so, Wyatt also sang the song “I’m a Little Teapot” to mock Reigns’ father’s PSA.

In response, Reigns later revealed that he wasn’t too happy about the WWE writer getting his daughter involved in a fight. Joelle’s father, speaking on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, said that White was harsh when he showed a picture of his daughter.

Reigns added, however, that he wasn’t mad about it because there was a reason why they did it the way they did. He also explained that he was a little bit at peace with the fact that White was using the photograph because it was just a picture of a TV advert.

The former Shield member implied that he might have felt differently if Wyatt had kept a private photograph of him and his daughter at home. WWE later, however, refuted the idea that Wyatt had threatened Roman’s daughter.

Other Facts

Joelle’s ethnicity is Samoan, English, Italian/Sicilian (from her father), and African-American (from her mother).

Her father, Roman Reigns, is estimated to have a net worth of more than $12 million US dollars.

Quick Facts About Joelle Anoa’i

NameJoelle Anoa’i
BirthdayDecember 14
ProfessionCelebrity daughter
ParentsRoman Reigns and Galina Becker
Net WorthUnder review