Who Is Katie Hopkins? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Her
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Katie Hopkins is an English writer, broadcaster, conspiracy theorist, former reality TV candidate, and the most hated woman in Britain for her regular streak of horror. She is well known for her right-wing views, which she promotes in newspapers, on television, and on social media.

Hopkins has made spiteful remarks aimed at just about every minority group, from migrants to Muslims, the elderly, people with dementia, the poor, the mentally ill, the obese, and many other groups and individuals. Some of their views have earned them and their employer thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements.

Who Is Katie Hopkins?

Hopkins was born in Barnstaple on February 13, 1975, to middle-class parents. She began attending a private convent school at the tender age of three and remained there until she was 16. She began to do sports and learned to play the violin and piano, but her childhood dream was to become a colonel in the military. Katie went on to the University of Exeter and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where she completed her military training. Due to epilepsy, however, she was not able to join the army.

To avoid being put off, Hopkins became a management consultant and moved to New York for a while, where she returned in 2005. A year later she was offered a position in marketing as a global brand consultant for the Met Office,

Who Is Katie Hopkins? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Her
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Soon after starting her new job, Hopkins took an unpaid vacation as part of her probationary period to attend the third season of the reality TV show The Apprentice, hosted by Alan Sugar, a successful entrepreneur who made his money in electronics. She was to compete with other candidates for a £100,000 a year job for the businessman. Hopkins withdrew from the series, even though she was offered a place in the last episode, citing problems with childcare for her children.

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During her stay at The Apprentice, Hopkins did not stop making inflammatory statements to the camera. Her Vitriol was directed against fellow candidates, overweight people, maternity leave, and people who watched shopping channels on television.

After she left the show, Hopkins was fired from her job at the Met Office because she failed to meet the requirements of her probationary period. Riding the wave of popularity created by her highly controversial comments, she began appearing on several other television shows, including 8 out of 10 Cats, The Friday Night Project, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Question Time, Celebrity Big Brother, and worst of all, that morning when she announced that she would never allow her children to interact with other children named after geographic locations, even though her own daughter was wonderfully ironic and unwritten called India.

In 2017 she started her own talk show “If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World”, which was canceled after the first season due to very low ratings. She worked in the radio industry as a talk show host for LBC, a London-based radio station, until she was fired after some comments she made on Twitter about the Manchester Arena bombing.

Hopkins has also worked as a writer for various newspapers and magazines including Express & Echo, The Sun, and the Daily Mail website, from which she was fired in November 2017. Hopkins believes that she is the new Jesus for right-wing extremist supporters and commentators around the world who are willing to say what others don’t want to say.

5 Interesting Facts About Katie

1. She was married twice, met her two husbands, and publicly dated them while they were still married to other women She does not deny the affairs with both men, but rather boasts of having stolen them from her wives. Her first marriage was with Damian McKinney, the relationship began in 2004 and broke up the following year. In 2010 she married Mark Cross again.

Who Is Katie Hopkins? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Her
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2. In 2015 Hopkin starred in a television show called My Fat Story, where she deliberately gained and lost 19 kg in three months to prove that obese people can solve their weight problems through a successful diet. The show had 10 million viewers in the UK and the USA.

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3. She is an ardent supporter of the conspiracy theory of white genocide. She argues that multiculturalism and immigration have the unique and singular purpose of turning whites into minorities. She constantly reports on issues to support her pro-white agenda.

4. Katie Hopkins suffers from epilepsy and has terrible seizures that often lead to her joints being exposed and she is hospitalized several times a month.

5. She strongly advocated that all people over eighty should receive involuntary euthanasia to save the government money.