Lucy Hale (33) talks about a big step in her life. The Pretty Little Liars actress regularly inspires 24.5 million followers with her posts on her social media account. In addition to cool outfit pics, she also repeatedly provides insights into her everyday life. The actress does not seem to shy away from unpleasant topics. Now Lucy proudly revealed that she stopped drinking alcohol over a year ago.

Lucy Hales sober one year anniversary cake

On her Instagram account, the 33-year-old has now published a photo of a cake on which “One year” can be read in yellow letters. “This is a post about self-love and about the best decision I’ve ever made,” she began writing under her post. Lucy went on to say that she stopped drinking last year. On January 2, she celebrated a year of sobriety. “Although this journey has been mostly private, tonight I felt compelled to let everyone who is struggling know that they are not alone and that they are loved,” the dark-haired beauty concluded.

"Best Decision": Lucy Hale has been sober for a year
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Under the recording, Lucy received encouragement from many celebrities for her decision. For example, Troian Bellisario (37) wrote that she found this step very brave, cool, and inspiring, while Debby Ryan (29) assured: “I’m so excited that the world is falling in love with the most authentic version of you.” “I’m so proud of you, today and every day since the beginning of your journey” or “I’m so happy for you,” were other comments.