LJ Satterfield And Boy Tapang Scandal: Viral Video And Issue Explained

LJ Satterfield And Boy Tapang Scandal: Viral Video And Issue Explained: For quite some time, the LJ Satterfield and Boy Tapang scandal has gone viral on the internet. Here’s an explanation of the problem, as well as more information on the controversy.

LJ Satterfield, a Filipino social media influencer, and YouTuber Boy Tapang were embroiled in a major controversy earlier this year.

The latter, who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, introduced his fans to Satterfield as his girlfriend.

He encouraged fans to subscribe to his new girlfriend’s YouTube channel, which had nearly 7K subscribers at the start of the new year.

Tapang’s fans were overjoyed to learn that their favorite YouTuber was dating the stunning LJ.

After gaining approximately 190,000 subscribers, the couple shocked fans by revealing that they were never in a relationship and that the whole thing was a charade to gain YouTube subscribers on LJ’s channel.

As a result, thousands of her fans unsubscribed from her channel. Nonetheless, she has over 170K subscribers.

LJ Satterfield And Boy Tapang Scandal

The LJ Satterfield and Boy Tapang scandal drew a lot of attention from the Filipino community.

Boy Tapang introduced his fans to his new girlfriend, LJ “Girl Tapang” Satterfield, in January 2023.

Boy Tapang introduced his fans to his alleged girlfriend LJ Satterfield.

However, the couple, who appeared to have fallen in love and were in a relationship just a month ago, have split up.

Satterfield also revealed that her relationship with Tapang was not serious and that she used his popularity to gain more social media followers.

This revelation infuriated netizens, who are now unfollowing the influencer’s accounts.

The case has recently received a lot of media attention because it involves one of the Philippines’ most popular YouTubers, Boy Tapang.

LJ Satterfield And Boy Tapang Controversy- Fake Relationship

LJ Satterfield and Boy Tapang are said to have started dating in January 2023.

On January 5, 2023, Tapang uploaded a video to YouTube titled “JOWA REVEAL | MEET MY AMERICAN GIRLFRIEND | Boy Tapang.”

The Filipino reveals to his 2 million+ subscribers in the video that he and Satterfield are dating.

The couple is seen discussing how they met and fell in love. Many of Tapang’s fans were overjoyed that he had finally found love.

Viewers showered the couple with well-wishes and sweet comments.

In the video below, they can be seen eating fruits and answering fan questions.

Tapang received his golden play button from YouTube, and Scatterfield surprised him with the gift on his 23rd birthday.

LJ Satterfield And Boy Tapang Scandal: Viral Video And Issue Explained

The couple appeared to enjoy each other’s company and to be serious about their relationship.

LJ Satterfield also posted videos on YouTube with her “new boyfriend,” Boy Tapang.

Her video, “A Day in My Life with (BF) Boy Tapang,” received over 3 million views and 194K subscribers.

To put this in context, Satterfield had only 7K subscribers at the start of 2023.

Thousands of Boy Tapang fans descended on her channel and smashed the subscribe button after the videos were uploaded in early January.

Satterfield, on the other hand, revealed the true reason for her “fake relationship” with the beloved Boy Tapang.

Many fans have started unsubscribing from her channel, which currently has 177K subscribers, since that announcement.

Regardless, the Filipina influencer obtained what she desired: hundreds of thousands of subscribers, albeit at the expense of Boy Tapang’s popularity.