Liana Liberato Bio, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height

Liana Liberato Bio, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height
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Liana Liberato, the young, charming Hollywood love whose smile is a feast for the eyes, simply has something lovable about her. Although she is still very young, she is an actress whose strength has been very well preserved in this business.

You may know her from the house. If you don’t know her, you might remember that she appeared in the thriller Trespass as Avery Miller with Nicole Kidman. She also appeared in The Last Sin Eater, Trust and If I Stay, as well as many other films. And as we said before, there is just so much more to know about this talented actress.

Liana Liberato Bio, Wiki, Age

Liana Daine Liberato was born on August 20, 1995, in Galveston, Texas, as the daughter of her parents – George and Rhondelle Liberato. She grew up in Texas, where she began acting at a young age. She is of Italian, Czech, English, French, and Irish descent. Liana had her first major role at the age of 7 when she appeared in Galveston: The Musical. Her continued excellence aroused the interest of the Central Artists. She was then asked by the Broker to travel to Hollywood.

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2005 was indeed a good year for Liana, as she made her debut as an actress in the TV series Cold Case. She rose even higher and had further appearances in the film Sons of Anarchy.

Liana also appeared in CSI Miami and Household MD. The beautiful actress also had an appearance in a music video by Miley Cyrus for her song 7 Things. In 2006 she performed in the fourth season of House. Liana’s also made her way to the New York Times magazine when she was featured in the June issue.

 Liana Liberato Bio, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height
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The following year Liana was given the lead role in the 20th Century Fox adventure film The Last Sin Eater. Her appearance in House was the most discussed in the media and on social sites. Liana played the role of Jane, Maggie’s daughter in season 4.

Net Worth and Earnings

Liana has earned enough for her age as an actress. Miss Liberato owes her fortune, estimated at $3 million, to her great films. One of the films that brought the actress to the big stage was Trust – the film that also won her the award for best actress at the Silver Hugo Awards 2011.

Currently, Liana is said to earn up to 400,000 dollars for her annual income thanks to her films.

Liana Liberato Boyfriend, Instagram

The young actress also has everyone in her business when it comes to her love life. Restraint is the last word in her dictionary and PDA (Public Display of Affection) is the order of the day. We refer to none other than Liana and her lovely lover Thomas O’Brien. Thomas is an Instagram star who has made a name for himself in social media.
Regardless of their fame, the two stars are not afraid to openly declare their love for each other. They have become couples for those who visit Instagram. Liana’s over 500,000 followers on Instagram are undoubtedly in love with her boyfriend.

If you do not follow the actress on Instagram and wish to do so, you can find her on the handle @lianaliberato. Liana’s fairytale relationship with Thomas is already raising marriage speculation and rumors, and the excited couple has made no effort to put a stop to such rumors.

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Height and Measurements

The beautiful actress has the right body to match her pretty face. Liana is not only lovable on-screen but also known for her good looks. Good looks yes and a great body in a bikini. She shows off her curves so well that she stands at a height of 5ft 7inches, 170cm. She weighs 52 kg (119 pounds). The blue-eyed virgin wears a bra size of 31B, has a waist size of 23, and a hip size of 32.

Other Facts about Liana Liberato

  • Liana has the zodiac sign, Leo. She is often likened to actress Madeline Carroll whom she shares a striking resemblance.
  • She would have been the character Hazel Grace Lancaster in the movie The Fault in our Stars but the role was later played by Shailene Woodley.
  • Liberato had her face on the cover page of the New York Times Magazine in June 2006.
  • She may be young but the whole world is hers to conquer if she remains strong.