Jhonni Blaze Biography, Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Wiki

Jhonni Blaze Biography, Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Wiki
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The model, stripper, and video fix Jhonni Blaze are popularly known as Twerk Queen. This beautiful lady was also part of the cast of the successful series Love & Hip Hop.

Jhonni Blaze Biography, Wiki

Born on 10 June 1990, maiden name Jzapal Jackson. Jhonni grew up in New York City and was nicknamed Blaze because of her hot temper. Jhonni had wild childhood days, and at the age of 15, she started drinking and stripping alcohol. At the age of 17, she tried to enter the Julliard Performing Arts School but was rejected despite her talent in playing musical instruments such as piano, acoustic, bass guitar, violin, clarinet, and drums. The video vixen in an interview revealed that she did not regret her former life and that it had helped to make her the strong woman she has become. Jhonni as a singer has songs like Ride or Die, Revolver and her single called Problems had found 62 thousand likes on YouTube. She has appeared in music videos by artists like Chris Brown, French Montana, Young Berg, Jim Jones, and Jadakiss. Jhonni is known for her curves and sexy looks and has graced the cover of magazines like TMZ, King, XXL, iDYMES, Stunnaz, B.A.D.D.D, Hip Hop Weekly, and Straight Stuntin. She is also known to be featured in films like Frank Chase in the Streets of Harlem, Straight Stuntin Chronicles: Vol.3- The Man in the Mirror.

Jhonni Blaze Bio
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The former stripper faced a life-threatening situation on stage in 2013 when she staggered on stage when she started to bleed heavily. She was immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, where it was confirmed that it was a miscarriage.

Jhonni is not only supposed to dance, act and sing, but also to be philanthropic and actively contribute to the lives of underprivileged children in Ethiopia. She also loves tattoos and has many of them on her body, including a leopard print on her hips and a heart shape on her shoulder.

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Who is Jhonni Blaze Dating? Boyfriend

Jhonni’s first relationship was with Brian Washington, with whom she had been dating for quite a few years, and the couple even had plans to settle down, but unfortunately, Brian was shot and killed on December 25, 2013, which put a tragic end to their beautiful love story. Rumor had it that Jhonni was brought in for questioning during the investigation into Brian’s murder and that she later had to move to Atlanta to escape the heat.

In 2014 the rumor went around that she was with Rich Dollars, which she later confirmed. Their relationship did not last long, however, as it ended the same year, but they remained business partners, with the lead role in Love & Hip Hop New York. In September 2014, the video fairy also made headlines because she had an affair with Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake, the famous Canadian rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Their relationship became controversial when Jhonni accused Drake of sending contract killers to her with death threats and she reported this to the police.

Jhonni met Robert Bobby Wilson, an American singer, and songwriter known by his stage name Bobby V, in May 2015, but barely two months later the two parted ways. They switched to another recording artist, Wikkie Maxwell II, known as Fetty Wap, and like the others, this one didn’t last long. The vixen then joined American stand-up comedian Micah Sierra Katt Williams, and they seemed to have a fairly stable relationship before breaking up and parting ways. Jhonni also had a relationship with the musician, songwriter, and TV personality Steven Jordan or Steve J, but not much is recorded about their relationship – neither the beginning nor the end.

Bryshere Yazz and Jhonni
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Jhonni’s most recent relationship on record is with Bryshere Yazz Gray rapper, known by his stage name Yazz the Greatest, who is known for his role in the TV series Empire as Hakem Lyon. The two had a brief relationship sometime in March 2017, but they broke up for reasons as yet unknown. She is currently single and on the lookout.

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The popular video fix is said to come from a family of German and African-American descent. Her parents had 8 children, but not much is said about them, apart from the fact that they were a family that fought for survival during their childhood.

Jhonni Blaze Net worth

The former stripper from Houston, now an actress and singer, is said to have a net worth of about $100,000.