Meet Neil Armstrong’s Wife Janet Shearon: Her Life Before & After Death

Meet Neil Armstrong’s Wife Janet Shearon: Her Life Before & After Death
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Janet Elizabeth Shearon or Janet Shearon was the wife of the late Neil Armstrong, a historical figure. The couple was together from the mid-1960s to the mid-1990s. Together as husband and wife, they went through quite a lot, from never-before-heard trials to the loss of a loved one.

One of the aspects that are often forgotten in discussions about Armstrong’s life is his relationship with his wife Janet. As for the iconic achievement of stepping on the moon, it can at least be argued that Chiron was one of the unsung heroes.

So read about the woman who got involved in the evolutionary story of man versus science. Find out what she had to go through when her husband was busy achieving what was then an impossible feat. See the other side of the untold Apollo 11 story; the relationship between Armstrong and his wife Janet, their inner struggles, the tragedy, and more.

Janet Shearon Was Born In Illinois

She was born in Wilmette, Illinois. She is the youngest of the doctor’s three daughters. Clarence Sheeron and Louise Sheeron. Janet graduated from New Trier High School. She then attended Purdue University for home economics and was a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Meet Neil Armstrong’s Wife Janet Shearon: Her Life Before & After Death
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Neil’s wife has received numerous awards and honors around the world. People praised her courage and dedication during the American space program in the 1960s.

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Janet Shearon And Her Husband, Neil Armstrong Attended The Same University 

Jan and Neil were married on 28 January 1956. They met at Purdue University. Neil studied aeronautical engineering and Janet studied home economics. The former Mrs. Armstrong was also a champion synchronized swimmer. It was in the pool that Neil first saw her and felt for her. However, they first met at a society party.

In an interview, Janet revealed that she had known her husband for three years before he asked her out. She said that the father of her children was not the type to rush into things.

Janet Shearon And Husband Neil
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After their marriage, they settled in the San Gabriel Mountains outside Lancaster, California. Their house was in Juniper Hills. Jean often told how she had seen her husband flying experimental planes at Edwards Air Force Base in the distance.

Janet dropped out of college after becoming Armstrong’s wife, a decision she later regretted.

She Lost Her Daughter At Two

The couple had two sons, Rick and Mark Armstrong, a daughter-in-law, Wendy, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. She was known as “Cee Cee” among her grandchildren.

In 1962, Neil and Sharon’s second child and only daughter, Karen Anne “Muffie” Armstrong, lost her life to a brain tumor at the age of 2 years and 9 months. The tragedy occurred on Neil and Janet’s wedding anniversary, which they reportedly never celebrated.

Meet Neil Armstrong’s Wife Janet Shearon: Her Life Before & After Death
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The couple’s eldest son, Rick, studied biology and worked as an animal trainer. Later, Rik ended up working for a software company.

Their youngest son, Mark, is now a software engineer and works with his brother. He has three children of his own. He once confessed that he had a dream he would like to fulfill: he wanted to go to the Moon, like his father.

Janet Shearon And Neil Armstrong’s Life After Apollo 11 

Jan and Neil moved to Houston, Texas, to work in NASA’s space program. After Armstrong’s successful mission, the couple moved to Lebanon, Ohio in 1969.

The astronaut’s ex-wife claimed that she was not married to the ‘astronaut’ but to Neil Armstrong. She explained that she knew of her husband’s desire to go to the Moon. She said that her husband’s going to another celestial body had not changed her life.

Why Did Janet Shearon And Neil Armstrong Divorce?

Armstrong and his late wife divorced in 1994 after 38 years of marriage.

Neil’s official biography, First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, states that the astronaut and his wife divorced when the former became obsessed with his mission to the Moon. James R. Hansen’s book reveals that Armstrong was so focused on his mission that he had less time for his family. So Janet had to take care of the children alone.

Janet Divorce with Neil
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According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Neil became depressed after his divorce but regained his happiness when he met his second wife, Carol Held Knight.

Divorce Settlement; Janet Received Millions

In 1994, Jan and her first husband quietly ended their 38-year marriage. They asked the judge to temporarily seal the record because they wanted as little press attention as possible.

Although the divorce records did not reveal Armstrong’s net worth, Shearon’s real and personal property totaled about 2.24 million US dollars. In addition, she received the real estate of unspecified value and spousal support of up to $6 000 per month.

Adjusted for inflation, Janet’s net worth, which she specifically gained from the divorce settlement, is almost $5 million in today’s money.

Janet Shearon’s Life After Divorcing Neil Armstrong 

After her divorce from Armstrong, Sheeran became a resident of the state of Utah, spending time in Deer Valley as well as St. George. Those close to Janet described her as approachable. She frequently attended not only her high school graduating class but also kindergarten class reunions.

In 1964, Sheeran became the founder and coach of the El Lago Aquanauts synchronized swimming team and remained a supporter and advocate throughout her life. She was also a founding member of the Keep-In-Touch (KIT) group of astronauts’ wives, which remains a close bond to this day.

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Janet Shearon’s Death

It is unknown when Sheeran was diagnosed with lung cancer, but she lost her life on 21 June 2018 at the age of 84 in Westchester, Ohio. As reported, Armstrong’s ex-wife had a long battle with the disease.

She died a few months before the film “First Man” was released in cinemas. Whiplash, directed by Damien Chazelle, was an adaptation of Armstrong and Janet’s married life during the Apollo 11 mission.

Other Facts About Janet Shearon:

  • Jason Schoener was the actress who portrayed her character in the 2018 film First Man.
  • Armstrong took some of his wife Janet’s jewelry with him to the Moon.
  • Janet Shearon was never a stranger to flying, her father owned and flew his own plane.

Quick Facts About Janet Shearon

Birth Name:Janet Elizabeth Shearon
Birth Place:Wilmette, Illinois, United States
Children:Mark Armstrong, Eric Armstrong, Karen Armstrong
Date of Birth:March 23, 1934
Death Date:June 21, 2018
Death Place:West Chester Township, Ohio, United States
Education:Purdue University
Spouse:Neil Armstrong ( 1956–1994)