Who Is Hannah Bagshawe? Eddie Redmayne’s Wife, Her Age, Family and Other Facts
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Hannah Bagshawe, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, is very popular as Eddie Redmayne’s life partner. Although it is widely believed that Hannah lives in the shadow of her husband’s fame, the lady has personally achieved a great deal and leads her own life.

Career-wise, she has reached the pinnacle of a PR executive. Hannah has a penchant for collecting antiques. Here is her life story, including basic facts about her biography, marriage to Mr. Redmayne, family life, and much more.

Age and Early Life – Who Is Hannah Bagshawe? 

The British lady was born on 30 November 1982 in London, England. Her parents’ names are Nicholas Bagshawe (father) and Caryl Bagshawe (mother), both originally from London.

As a teenager, Hannah went to school in a boarding school. She continued her education to the point where she obtained a Masters’s degree at the University of Edinburgh, where she studied English literature and French. At the time of writing this report, Hannah’s job is as a public relations executive in the booming financial industry.

Hannah’s popularity began in 2012 when she was first seen by the media with a famous English actor, Eddie Redmayne. Then it was reported that she acted as his spokesperson. When she started to be seen together regularly by paparazzi, speculation began to rise. The otherwise private Hannah became a topic of conversation for Eddie’s teeming fans and the film industry in general.

In 2013, she was widely acclaimed by the media when Eddie paid tribute to her for her support and for helping him fall by the wayside. This led to a series of never-ending reports in the tabloids as one of the industry’s favorite couples.

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Eddie Redmayne’s Wife, Family, and Other Facts

Hannah met Edward “Eddie” Redmayne who was a student at Eton College at the time while she was attending a girls boarding school. Together with her friends, they had planned a fashion show for charity and volunteer modeling; Eddie agreed to walk topless on the catwalk. The duo remained friends for 12 years and entered into a romantic relationship in 2012. They made their red carpet debut at the premiere of Tom Hooper’s film Les Miserables,

Eddie Redmayne is a British stage and film actor who gained popularity through his masterful portrayal of the late physicist Stephen Hawking in the 2014 film The Theory of Everything. He received an Oscar for his role and awards even from the physicist himself. He was born on 6 January 1982 in London. Prior to his acting career, which began in 1998, Eddie attended Eton College and also studied art history at Trinity College, Cambridge University.

He is also an award-winning actor. In the “Birthday Honors 2015 for services to drama” Eddie was named “Officer of the Order of the British Empire”. He was also appointed Ambassador of the charity for film education Into Film in August 2014.

In June 2014 Hannah and Eddie became engaged on the Memorial Day weekend. They were married on December 15, 2014. Their intimate, secret wedding ceremony took place at a private members’ club called Babington House, Somerset. The Redmayne-Bagshawe spent their honeymoon in the Alps.

The former antique dealer is said to have arranged her schedule so that she had more time to accompany her husband on his many travels. The color-blind actor even attributed his amazing outfits to her. Eddie says she keeps him on the ground with her regular dose of daily housework. Even during her pregnancy, Hannah continued to support her husband, winning awards, and attending prestigious industry events.

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The couple had their first daughter, Iris Mary Redmayne, on June 15, 2016, and on March 10, 2018, they welcomed Luke Richard Bagshawe, their first son. The lovely family currently lives in London.

Although Hannah Bagshawe continues to stagger in the full glory of the media in supporting her husband, she has managed to keep both her private and family life out of the public eye. The media only receive the information they release, such as the announcement of her engagement, her wedding, and the births of her children.

Hannah Bagshawe’s family is entirely British. Her parents were both born in London, England. There are no public details of her siblings if she has any. Hannah’s birthmark is Sagittarius, she is white and 5 inches taller than 5 feet.