Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

Canada has produced a lot of talent, and if you need hard evidence, all you have to do is take a look at the star in question. She is a movie star whose “territories have not yet been explored” and as such we want to learn more about her as a whole. In this respect, we are dealing with the topic of Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, married, old age, and her husband. Stay seated, because this will prove to be a captivating piece when we start with the topic Jessica Harmon Wiki.

Jessica Harmon Wiki/Age

Jessica Harmon Wiki would be grossly incomplete if we did not begin with the fact that she was born on December 27, 1985. She was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, as the child of her parents, the director Allan Harmon and the producer Cynde Harmon. Apparently show business is the family business because her brother is actor Richard Harmon.

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It’s obvious that the star and her brother were both strongly influenced by their parents and that’s why they chose their work.

Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

However, we cannot confirm this, as the star rarely reveals much about her personal life and especially her childhood. On the subject of her age according to her date of birth, the star is currently 31 years old and will be 32 this year. There is no information out there drawing a map of how the star got to the point where it stands today, but it has played in a number of productions over the years.

Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

Although she is perhaps best known for her supporting roles in iZombie as FBI agent Dale Bozzio, there is so much more in her portfolio. She also played as Megan Helms in Black Christmas and played in Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy, as Esrin. Her work with TV pilot Wolf Canyon earned her a Leo Award for best performance in music, comedy or variety show or series.

Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

She has also played in productions such as Stranger in the House, Bona Fide, Outside the Lines, Reset, Love Under The Stars, Deeper, Along Came a Nanny, Body Language, Stolen from the Womb, Christmas Bounty, Anything But Christmas, and many more. If you look at the fact that she is doing quite well in her profession, you would expect her to have quite a large income.

Much like a lot of information about her, the star hasn’t revealed her net worth, but we can assume that she will bring in the big sums, there’s no doubt about that. In this sense, we are at the end of Jessica Harmon’s wiki topic, and if more information comes up, we will certainly forward it.

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That’s a subject we really don’t have much to say about, especially because there isn’t much information about the star as a whole, without talking about her marital status. Assuming that she has not published any information on this subject, it is generally assumed that she is single or that she is just a very closed person. However, we hope so much that there will be news on this topic soon.

In this sense, we are at the end of the topic of Jessica Harmon’s Wiki, married, old and her husband. In the event that there is additional information, you are definitely the first to learn it.