Christopher Allen Hackman: Insight Into The Life Of Gene Hackman’s Son
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Christopher Allen Hackman is an American personality, best known as the son of Hollywood star Gene Hackman and his ex-wife Faye Maltese. His father is a household name in the film industry, having starred in films such as Night Moves (1975), Superman (1978), Unforgiven (1992), and others.

Despite being born into a famous family, he kept a low profile. Thus, questions not only about his professional life but also about his personal life seem unexplored. Well, is he married to his wife? What about his previous affairs and girlfriends?

Well, in this article we will find out the answers to all the questions about J.H. Heckman’s only son, Christopher Allen Heckman.

Gene Hackman’s Son Christopher Allen Hackman Bio

Christopher Allen Hackman was born in 1960, which makes him 62 years old in the United States in 2022. Although he has not revealed his exact date of birth, many tabloids suggest that he celebrates his birthday on 1 January.

Christopher is the eldest and only son of Gene Hackman and Faye Malteser’s three children. The celebrity child grew up with his siblings and had a nice childhood. As his father was always busy at work, he spent most of his time with his late mother, Faye. Even when he was growing up, his parents separated, despite 30 years of marriage.

Although the star child did not have much time to spend with his dad at an early age, father and son are now on good terms. Christopher also has a close relationship with his stepfather, Betsy Arakawa. On the other hand, despite being the son of a legendary Hollywood actor and writer, Christopher likes to keep his life quiet.

Moreover, the child of celebrities is an American citizen and of Caucasian ethnic origin.

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Christopher Allen Hackman Is The Son Of Gene Hackman And Faye Maltese

62-year-old Kristen Hackman is one of the three children of Gene Hackman. His father is a retired American actor and writer who spent more than sixty years of his career. He is also the winner of four Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, two BAFTAs, one Screen Actors Guild Award, and one Silver Bear. However, he retired from acting in 2004 and is now living a healthy life.

As for his mother, she worked as a secretary at a bank in Rockefeller Center in New York at the time. She looked after him and his siblings while their father was away from work for months. Unfortunately, Hackman’s mother is no longer with us. Fay drew her last breath on 26 April 2017, leaving behind her children and ex-husband. May her departed soul rest in peace.

His Parents Gene Hackman And Faye Maltese Divorced After Three Decades

The star child’s mum and dad tied the knot in 1956 after a year-long love affair. His mother Faye supported his father Gene through a difficult period in his acting career. However, his father’s high ambitions later became the reason for the divorce proceedings.

The former couple eventually ended their three-decade marriage in 1986. Later, after five years of separation, the father married his stepmother, Betsy Arakawa, in 1991.

Christopher Allen Hackman Has Two Sisters

As the eldest child in the family, Christopher has two younger siblings after him; both sisters. Two years after his birth, he gained an older sister, Elizabeth Jane Hackman, in 1962. Later, in 1966, a younger sister, Leslie Anne Hackman, was born.

All three siblings were raised in Los Angeles, California, by their late mother. There is not much age difference between the celebrity children, they share a close bond and still see each other occasionally.

Christopher’s Dad Gene Hackman Couldn’t Be A Good Dad

As we mentioned earlier, Huckman’s high ambitions somehow led him to separate from his ex-wife. This affected not only his marriage but also his relationship with his children.

During the success of the Unforgiven star, he devoted all his time and effort to his work. It is no wonder how his career flourished, making him the winner of many awards, but it cost him his family.

Christopher Allen Hackman: Insight Into The Life Of Gene Hackman’s Son

The Academy Award winner could not be there for his son Christopher when he needed his father most. He was away from home for months without seeing his son and daughters. As a result, his work created a barrier between Jane Hackman and his children, and he did not get to parent them.

The father of the star child is now aware that he was not with his son as much as he should have been. He told GQ magazine,

“I lost touch with my son in terms of advice early on. Maybe it had to do with being gone so much, doing location films when he was at the age where he needed support and guidance.”

Christopher Allen Often Visits His Dad Gene Hackman Now

Since he couldn’t spend much time with his father then, Christopher visits him often now. After Superman retired, he started inviting his children to his home. He wanted to reconnect with his children, Christopher, Leslie, and Elizabeth, as he had not been able to do so before.

The father of three now lives in his home in New Mexico with his second wife, Betsy Arakawa. Although he does not want to meet anyone and is happy to stay in his home, he invites Christopher and his siblings to visit. They are the only people Hackman likes to see.

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Is Christopher Married Or Dating A Girlfriend?

It may sound unusual, but despite his celebrity status, Christopher has managed to keep his personal life out of the media. The child star is so secretive that he has not divulged any information about whether he is married, let alone the name of his wife.

There is also no history of his love affairs and girlfriends. Moreover, his absence from social media platforms has made it very difficult to trace his love life.

For the time being, since he is reluctant to reveal his love life, it is safe to say that Christopher Allen is single and sees no one. However, we would be interested to know about his relationship status. Let’s hope one day.

What Does Christopher Allen Hackman Do? His Net Worth

Although Christopher has not been open about his occupation, he has worked as a cameraman and camera assistant. He has worked on films such as Hoosiers (1986), Made in USA (1987), and the documentary Chris & Don: A Love Story (2007). Other information about his career and properties remains hidden.

However, his father, Gene Hackman, is a millionaire with a net worth of $80 million USD. As one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors, he has amassed his fortune through a thriving acting career.

Quick Facts About Christopher Allen Hackman

Birth NameChristopher Allen Hackman
Full NameChristopher Allen Hackman
Birth Year1960
ProfessionCamera Operator
Birth CountryUSA
Father NameGene Hackman
Father ProfessionActor and Novelist
Mother NameFaye Maltese
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Height167 cm
Weight123 kg
SiblingsLeslie Ann