Bow Wow’s Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend And Baby Mama

We probably already know everything there is to know about this child rapper feeling, OK not everyone, but he was in the spotlight long enough for us to know our way around a ‘Shad Moss’ (that’s his real name in case you were wondering). But today, we turn to others to paint us an image of the star and the others are Bow Wow’s daughter and the other women in her life.

Bow Wow’s Daughter

It’s hard to believe that Bow Wow has a five-year-old child, since not so long ago, he was Lil Bow Wow for us. We are here to make you believe, however, not that it would require a lot of effort since we saw the pictures, the resemblance and we witnessed the drama.

Bow Wow’s Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend And Baby Mama

Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai Moss, was born on April 27. 2011. At first, he denied that he had a daughter, he even went so far as to slap websites that carried news of his brand new paternity status.

Later, he admitted the fact by saying, “I waited so long to tell you the truth because I was afraid of the way you would all look at me. You know everyone makes a big deal out of this. I wanted to be the first to let you know the real one”. Overall, he admitted that being a father had changed him.

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Shai stays with his mother across the country and sometimes it’s really hard for the star, he tells Oprah, “It’s so hard – I Skype with[Shai] and I just wish I could catch her in there and grab her by the arms”. Nevertheless, the star is making a lot of effort to make it work, which we know because social media tells us so.

There is no doubt that Bow Wow’s daughter is a lovely child and we hope she will grow up far from the most beautiful things.

Bow Wow’s Girlfriend

The star doesn’t have a wife, so we decided to release a list of his girlfriends. Oh, it’s a long story, it’s said that the star went out with a handful of people and that she also went out with a handful of women in her time. We can’t even consider him as Lil Bow Wow anymore.

There is Simply Jess and rumor have it that the Miami promoter and former rap star were never romantically involved in this story.

Bow Wow’s Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend And Baby Mama
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There are certainly rumor networks going around Bow Wow and one of them connected him to Melody Thorton, but this statement was rejected by both sides, apparently, no one really believed it anyway. After they played in the movie, Lottery Ticket together, rumors spread that Teairra Mari and Bow Wow were together.

Bow Wow’s Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend And Baby Mama

A photo of Instagram denounced Draya Michelle and the star, but none of them made any comments about it. If you want to talk about wet relationships, Bow Wow’s relationship with Kat Stacks takes the crown, there were even allegations that he asked for a vibrator to be used on him.

Even spicier was her relationship with Ayisha Diaz, well the relationship was OK, it was the break-up that caused a sensation. The star used social media to hit her exes as usual, but this video shrew was ready for him, she spent a lot of time openly casting her shadow back at him.

There is also Joie Chavis, his little mother, whom we will talk about in more detail in a moment. Needless to say, everyone remembers the time we were for Ciara and Bow Wow, it’s very old news now. Guess who’s also on the list, the Reverend Runs girl, Angela Simmons, apparently, the worries of life have made them move away.

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Finally, there is Erica Mena, the former television star of Love and Hip hop, who had a serious relationship that almost led them to the altar. Mena was even 5 months pregnant for the star but they lost the baby and some say that this is a factor that contributed to their break-up. Needless to say, their break-up was very messy.

We assure you that this is only a cross-section, we can’t check all the loves of the lady of the star today, so let’s move on.

Baby Mama

Both were already on a bad path when they had their baby in 2011 and it has not been easy between them since then. As it is her culture, the star has continuously beaten her and she has not taken her lying on her back. Her name is Joie Chavis and she currently lives with Bow Wow’s daughter and takes care of her.

Since breaking up with Erica Mena earlier this year, Bow Wow has been able to maintain a cordial relationship with Joie, here is an excerpt from a comforting message the star posted on Facebook. A lot of guys let anger between them and the mother get in the way. What I have done in the past. Now I’m in my third phase of life.

He added, “I just want to give him what I’ve never had parents in my life. “Her mother does a wonderful job with her and for that, I can honor and respect her. The two are supposedly back together again and even spent Thanksgiving together as a family.