Is Spencer Reid Autistic In Real Life? Illness And Health Update

Is Spencer Reid Autistic in real life? Spencer is not really autistic because he is a made-up person on a TV show called “Criminal Minds.”

Spencer Reid is a pretend person on the TV show “Criminal Minds” and an actor named Matthew Gray Gubler plays him.

Reid works for the FBI and is part of a team called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). He’s super smart with an IQ of 187 and he can remember things really well. Sometimes he feels uncomfortable around other people.

The team thinks Reid is really smart so they call him their “genius.” He often gives important information about the bad guys they’re trying to catch.

Even though Reid is smart he has a hard time making friends and talking to people. This can make him feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Is Spencer Reid Autistic In Real Life?

Spencer Reid is a pretend person on the TV show “Criminal Minds” and he’s not really autistic.

But on the TV show, Reid acts like he has Autism sometimes. He can be awkward with people really smart and have trouble talking and making friends. These are things some people with Autism also experience.

Autism is a complex condition that affects people in different ways. Not everyone with Autism acts the same or has the same problems.

Spencer Reid old pic
Spencer Reid, a fictitious character on the television program “Criminal Minds,” is not autistic in real life (Source: Popsugar)

Also, it’s not right to say a pretend person has a real sickness like Autism without a doctor checking them. Only a licensed healthcare person can tell for sure if someone has Autism.

Even though people have been talking about it the creators of Criminal Minds have said that Reid really does have Autism.

According to the actor who plays Reid Matthew Gray Gubler has said that Reid has always thought of himself as having Autism on the show.

In an interview with LiveAbout Gubler said that Reid is a really smart and weird guy on the show and he might have some traits of Asperger’s mild Autism or schizophrenia.

Spencer Reid Illness And Health Update

On the TV show, “Criminal Minds” Reid has had a lot of tough things happen to him and some health problems too.

In season 2 Reid gets hurt and starts taking a medicine called Dilaudid. He likes it too much and can’t stop taking it. After a few shows of fighting with himself, he gets help to quit.

In the last show of the season, 15 Reid has a seizure and sees a vision of a killer he used to know named George Foyet. Foyet calls Reid an addict which reminds him of his past drug problem.

Spencer Reid 1
Spencer Reid has experienced many health problems and personal hardships throughout the television series Criminal Minds (Source: ShowbizCheatSheet)

Reid also has really bad headaches a lot on the show. They talk about it a bunch and sometimes it makes it hard for him to help solve the crimes.

Reid has had some very sad things happen to him in his life. His Dad died and he was even kidnapped by a killer at one point. These things made him very upset and had a big effect on his feelings and thoughts.

In season 12 Reid gets blamed for a crime he didn’t commit and has to go to prison. While there he is treated really badly and it makes him very upset. He starts to act like he’s hearing and seeing things that aren’t there which is called schizophrenia.

A Look At Spencer Reid Personal Life

Spencer Reid’s life outside of work is an important part of his character on the TV show “Criminal Minds.”

When Reid was a little boy his mother Diana Reid got sick with schizophrenia and had to stay in a hospital for a long time.

Reid’s father William Reid was a successful lawyer but he left Reid and his mother when Reid was young. Reid has a difficult relationship with his father’s new family.

Spencer Reid has a lot of school degrees! He got a Ph.D. in mathematics a B.A. in psychology and a B.S. in chemistry from the same school.

Reid has had a few love interests on the show like Lila Archer and Maeve Donovan.

Reid has a hard time making and keeping close relationships because he is shy and finds it challenging to express his emotions to others.