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Is Dwayne Johnson Married, Has A Girlfriend Or Gay?

Is Dwayne Johnson Married, Has A Girlfriend Or Gay?
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No, yes, and no. These questions are asked by most actors, and if you are a public person, sooner or later someone will ask them. Even though Dwayne Johnson may have the “male”, “non-gay” look (because there is a look), there will be speculation about which team he swings for. So let’s take it one step at a time and start with the question: Is Dwayne Johnson married?

Is Dwayne Johnson Married?

You probably already know that he’s not, but did you know that the actor was once married for 10 years? That’s a whole decade, folks. Dwayne Johnson married Dany Garcia, his college sweetheart, and they were together seven years before they were married. Their decade-long marriage began in 1997 and ended amicably in 2007, what do they have to show for it?

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There are a few things, first of all, they have a 15-year-old daughter. She is not a “thing” and she is what they would consider the best product of their marriage. Her name is Simone Alexandra Johnson, and she was born on August 14, 2001.

According to the divorce Debbie, the couple clearly stated that their relationship may have changed in some ways, but that they would continue to be vital to each other, which included raising their then 7-year-old daughter together.

Is Dwayne Johnson Married, Has A Girlfriend Or Gay?

What else could they have together, you ask? The ex-couple built an empire together that is still growing, but “7 Bucks” is a business enterprise that needs to be taken care of. The transition from acting to a business may not be the easiest task, but when it comes to blurring the lines between careers, Dwayne knows a thing or two. The former wrestler has established himself in the world of “acting” and will no doubt do the same in the business world.

Apart from the fact that they have a child and a business together, Dwayne and Dani have one or more people in common. Dwayne’s strength and conditioning trainer, Dave Rienzi, happens to be Dani’s husband number two. If they’re not the coldest divorcées ever, we don’t know who is.

Although they are divorced, Dwayne and Dany remain, good parents, dedicated business partners, and close friends. In this regard, they told People Magazine: “We will continue to promote and manage our business interests, our philanthropic efforts and most importantly, the education of our child together as one loving team.

They added: “We have been fortunate to spend the last 17 years together as a couple and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together as best friends and business partners. So there you have it, folks, Dwayne Johnson has married his friend, and although the marriage is over, the friendship remains. That doesn’t mean the actor is single, in fact, he’s far from it.

Is Dwayne Johnson Married, Has A Girlfriend Or Gay?

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Oh, yes, he does, guys. The actor is obviously into long-term relationships since he’s been with Lauren Hashian for nine years. The couple met the same year he got divorced, and there’s been speculation that she may have been “a by-product” of breaking up his marriage. Although they met the year before, when the actor was shooting “The Game Plan”, they only started seeing each other after the divorce.

In the end, only a handful of people know the truth, the important thing is that they all rose above it. Given the circumstances, the family of the former wrestler is quite close.

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Dwayne was pretty shaken by the whole thing but his play is strong. The couple must be really serious about each other because their relationship has recently moved up a whole level. On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, the actor and his girlfriend welcomed an adorable little girl into the world. Her name is Jasmine, and just the sight of her would melt any daddy.

Now, all we think about is whether the couple will take the final step to tie the knot because that’s all we have left.

Is He Gay?

Is Dwayne Johnson Married, Has A Girlfriend Or Gay?

If it’s not obvious by now that the answer is no, then we’ve done a bad job on this one. Dwayne Johnson married a woman, yes, he divorced her, but he moved on to be with another woman. Given that, it would be very difficult to label him “gay.”

Also, his wrestling pseudonym was ‘The Rock Johnson’ unless his whole life is one big cover, then it’s pretty obvious that Dwayne likes his lover’s female’.