Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested? Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artists?

Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested? Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artists?: Zimbabwean police violently interrupted the renowned rapper and musician. Is Winky D in jail?

Winky D is a well-known Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall performer known as “The Big Man” (stylized as “Di Bigman”).

Winky is also known as Dancehall Igwe, Gaffa, Ninja President, Professor, Extraterrestrial (stylized as ChiExtra), and many other names. Winky is also a talented and successful figure in the Zimdancehall musical realm, as well as a Zimdancehall pioneer.

Similarly, Winky D is a well-known contemporary Zimbabwean musician. He was also one of the artists who played at the 2009 Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival.

Winky D also hosted the Rockers Vibes program with Trevor Hall and Belemnite Zimunya. Winky began his musical journey with the assistance of Blacklab Studios’ Bartholomew Vera.

Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested?

Many people have expressed concern about Winky D’s arrest and have questioned his followers. No, Winky D has not been arrested, and there are no official reports of him being detained.

Meanwhile, the musician’s arrest occurred after his most recent live performance since the release of his contentious album Eureka.

Fact Check: Is Winky D Arrested? Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artists?

He attempted to sing his newest song, iBotso, during the show. After the ZRP stormed the platform, violent skirmishes on the stage elicited angry reactions from the audience. The star was then surrounded by police agents, who dragged him offstage shortly after 10 p.m.

As a result, folks wondered if he was detained. However, no word has been issued by the officer regarding his arrest.

Who Attacked Zimbabwean Musical Artists?

Winky D’s arrest has frequently been the subject of public attention. On Saturday, the rapper was dragged off stage by cops while performing in Chitungwiza.

The accident shocked his followers because it was unacceptably dangerous in a public place. According to recent reports, plainclothes officers encircled Winky D before pulling him off stage shortly after 10 p.m.

Thousands of fans observed the incident, and the rapper was on stage with other well-known artists who were also present.

Winky D

Wicky D’s song was earlier banned by the government, according to the newsmaker. Similarly, his songs mostly incite hostility between himself and Harare’s officials. Winky D thinks that through music, he can change the current situation and the inappropriate agenda.

Who Is Winky D? His Age And Bio

Winky D is a well-known musician and performer. He is 40 years old this year, having been born on February 1, 1983. Similarly, he grew up in his hometown of Kambuzuma, Harare, Zimbabwe.

He was always engaged in music and began listening to reggae at the age of eight. He also has a sibling, Trevor Chirumiko, also known as Layan.

Trevor is also a singer and a music composer. In Harare, the musician studied primary and secondary school. And as he grew older, he began to execute various functions.

Unfortunately, the details about his parents have stayed a mystery to us; additionally, he is not currently expressive about his family life.

Winky D began his professional career at an early age, releasing songs such as “Rasta” and “Dead Inna War,” which were associated with his creative stage performances.

For more information, we can follow him on Instagram, where he is active under the handle @winkyddibigman and has over 290k followers.