Everything You Need To Know About Arden Key of NFL
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The popular edge-skater Arden Key has caused a sensation with his extraordinary playing skills. He is a professional American football player who is a defensive end for the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. An interesting fact to note about Key is his ability to use rip moves to escape blocks and his potential for pass rushers on the field. The American football prodigy had an impressive college career at Louisiana State University, securing a place on the 2018 draft list. Learn more about Arden Key below

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Arden Key of NFL

1. He was born and Raised in Georgia

The American football defense Arden Key was first born on May 3, 1996. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of Arden Key Sr. and his wife. It is not certain that he is their only child, as Key has not revealed much information about his other siblings and family. While he likes to keep such details out of the media, it is known that he is of African-American ethnicity and his nationality is American.

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2. Arden Key was Among the Top-25 National Player Recruit in High School

Young Key developed a keen interest in football at an early age, attending the Hapeville Charter Career Academy in Union City, Georgia. During his time there, he played a defensive end for the school team. In his junior year, he picked up eight sacks, 15.5 sacks in the upper school, and 12 sacks in the second grade. At the end of his high school career, Key was awarded four stars by ESPN and was ranked sixth in the national top 25 prospects for the defensive end in 2015. Amazing, isn’t it?

3. He Played College Football at Louisiana State University (LSU)

After being scouted by many colleges, Arden Key became involved with Louisiana State University and joined LSU at the end of his high school career. In his first year of college in 2015, he played for the Fighting Tigers, where he played twelve (12) games, nine of which he started. He finished the season with a record 41 tackles and five sacks, securing a place on the All-American rookie team. The following year, Key improved significantly and finished his second year with a total of 12 sacks. He was also honored by the Associated Press as a member of the first team of the All-Southeastern Conference and was named to the first team of the All-SEC.

In his junior year of 2017, Key was ranked number one in the overall outlook for the 2018 NFL draft. Although his performance was abandoned due to injury, he was able to record a forced fumble, 4 sacks, and 33 tackles. In early 2018, Key officially announced that he would be joining the 2018 NFL Draft.

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4. He Was Drafted by the Oakland Raiders During the NFL Draft of 2018

Key was supposed to be a first-round draft for 2018, but his problems off the field influenced him and he ended up in the fourth round. He was selected by the Oakland Raiders as the 87th pick in the 2018 NFL draft. The 6.5-foot, the 5-inch defensive star will be in action for the Oakland Raiders; he will play alongside Ryan Switzer and Amari Cooper, among others. Since he is a highly valued player, we all hope for a new Arden Key to fight his way to superstar status.

5. Despite Being a Third-Round Pick, Key is Considered to Have First Round Talent

While Key was expected in the first round during the 2018 NFL draft, he slipped out of the list of proactive players due to injuries. Nonetheless, he still has more time to recover in his game. His exceptional playing skills in combination with his size cannot be overlooked. He has better chances to win singles against singles with his rip moves. Furthermore, he is an excellent passing player and can compete with the rest of the best defensive end players in the NFL. Given his legitimate ball handling, Key can deliver nothing less than what the Raiders expect. We wish him the very best in his professional career.