Eve Smith Death And Obituary: Died In Car Crash- Who Was Her Sister Xana doyle

Eve Smith Death And Obituary: Died In Car Crash- Who Was Her Sister Xana doyle: Eve Smith died in a car crash with four of her companions two of whom died and two of whom were injured. Read on to find out what caused Eve Smith’s death.

The news of Eve Smith’s demise has been spreading like wildfire across the Internet. People have expressed their condolences to her family and sister who have paid tribute to her.

Along with Smith, two others died in the accident: Darcy Ross 21, and Rafel Jeanne 24, and two friends Sophie Russon 20, and Shane Loughlin 32 are in critical condition.

The investigation is still ongoing but police think they were out for a party the day before the accident and the driver was intoxicated.

However, the specifics have yet to be revealed. Clear communication will hopefully be announced shortly.

Eve Smith Death And Obituary: Died In A Car Crash

Police recently discovered three bodies while searching for Eve Darcy Ross Sophie Russon Rafel Jeanne-Actie and Shane Loughlin who went missing after a night out at a Newport Wales nightclub.

Smith was a Sky reality TV show contestant who went missing two days before her body was discovered.

Eve Smith Death And Obituary: Died In Car Crash- Who Was Her Sister Xana doyle

“Eve My beautiful little sister I’ve cried laughed and fought with you every week but I’ve never been without you,” her sister said after her death in a car accident.

“We always said ‘I got you always’ but now I’m sitting here feeling so empty because you’re not here with me anymore and I can’t accept it” she continued.

Many people including her sister expressed their condolences and hoped for her family. Smith and the other two people killed in the tragedy will be remembered forever.

Hopefully, two of Smith’s friends who are receiving medical treatment for serious injuries will recover soon.

Who Was Eve Smith’s, Sister Xana Doyle? 

Xana a 19-year-old hairdresser died immediately in a car accident in 2015 from head injuries. The accident happened when a friend stole a car for a party.

In the Sky TV documentary, Eve’s family revealed the tragic death they faced. Eve was close to her sister Xana and after her death, she shared a tribute to her.

Eve Smith Death And Obituary: Died In Car Crash- Who Was Her Sister Xana doyle

“I adore you Xana Doyle; you were by far the best big sister ever and this is why it’s going to be so painful to say goodbye,” she wrote on Facebook.

“It still feels like I’m sleeping and having a horrible nightmare,” she said.

Lauren, her sister is struggling to accept the fact that she lost both of her sisters in a car accident.

Losing a loved one must be a difficult and painful experience and losing two sisters in such a short period of time must be a tremendous source of grief for the family.

They lost Xana in 2015 which must have been extremely difficult for Eve Lauren Zaine and their entire family and losing Eve now only adds to their pain.

Hopefully, more information about the incident in which three people died will be released soon after the autopsy report.