Tish Cyrus found her soulmate in her boyfriend Dominic

She’s in love again! While her daughter Miley (30) is currently enjoying the huge success of her song “Flowers” and her single existence, Tish Cyrus (55) is on cloud nine. For a long time, the blonde was married to Miley’s father Billy Ray (61) until he filed for divorce in 2010. The couple then tried again, but the second attempt didn’t work either. Today the manager is in a relationship with Dominic Purcell (53): Tish sees her soul mate in him!

Tish Cyrus found her soulmate in her boyfriend Dominic

A source told Us Weekly, ” Things couldn’t be better between Tish and Dominic right now.” The 55-year-old initially wanted to keep the romance between the two a little secret until she was sure that he was the right one for her. “The secrecy didn’t last long, however, and the couple is simply inseparable,” the source explained. It is said that Miley’s mother sees a future with her new partner and is happy that they have found each other.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus
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Tish and Billy Ray’s breakup hasn’t been easy for the entire Cyrus clan. But one thing is certain for the two former lovebirds: “We will always be a family and look forward to a great new experience as friends – and to the further journey as parents.”