Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Who else was really curious about her relationships after she released the ex and oh’s of the song? We know that our curiosity is tingling everywhere. So before we check out Elle King’s fiancées, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to deal with the inspiration behind her hit single…which of course are her relationships.

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Elle King’s Relationships; Ex’s and Oh’s

When the single came out, it was the Go to Summer Jam and it still makes waves for the singer. Not only did it put her on the map, but according to Billboard, it also made King the second woman in two decades (after Lorde) to lead the list of alternative songs and the only woman to lead Hot Rock songs in 2015, so if you haven’t heard it yet, fix it.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

What makes the song even more attractive is that it not only contains musical notes and melodies but also a fascinating life story when it comes to bringing music to life, right? she told VH1, ‘They are true stories. I write about my different relationships and different things I’ve been through in my life, I’ve had a few crazy years on tour and dating and fell in love very quickly and fell in love even faster.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Obviously, her swindles are too numerous to be mentioned, but the good thing is that everything has led her to meet the man of her dreams, so without further ado, we meet the man who will soon make the permissive singer a “woman”… Elle King’s fiancé, Fergie.

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Elle King’s Fiance

He’s a pretty mysterious guy, apart from being Elle King’s fiancé, there’s not much to say about him. Mysteries are our specialty, so we’ll find a way to solve this. So here’s a start, his name is Fergie and many people call him their “long-time” friend.Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Unless they held back for a while, we can’t really say it, because they started appearing on each other’s social media just over a year ago. So here’s what we could gather about him, Elle let it be known that he’s of Scottish descent in a cute Instagram picture.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

It was captioned: ‘Missing my Scottish Prince rn❤️?❤️ @greatescapeglasgow’, and from his grip, it is evident that he probably lives in Glasgow, but it was a little hard to say since his account has been private since the engagement.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Also, the world calls him Fergie, because that’s all we really have, it’s most likely a nickname or a shortened version of something like Ferguson. We’ve collected another reference to this term from Elle’s Instagram page, she has published a picture titled “AF ❤️ EK FOR EVA”, so is there a first name we don’t know? We leave it to you to do the guessing.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Anyway, no more talking about ex’s and oh’, it’s time to talk about the fiancé and his epic claim history. On Saturday, February 6, 2016, just hours before she was to appear at a Super Bowl pre-party, Fergie asked the question. Of course, she posted a picture on Instagram to share her enthusiasm with the world, she headlined it.

‘Fergie asked me to marry him on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge, I said yes’.Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Although we don’t know much about Elle King’s Fiance, one very important thing is obvious, the two are madly in love and honest, that’s enough for now. Nevertheless, take a look at this section for news about the sweet duo.

Quick Facts About Elle King

Date of Birth:3 July 1989
 Age:30 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:5 Feet 6 Inch
NameElle King
FatherRob Schneider
MotherLondon King
Birth Place/CityLos Angeles
EthnicityWhite American
Working ForEx’s & Oh’s and Love Stuff
Net Worth$4 million
Hair ColorBlonde
Weight in KG80kg
Famous forEx’s & Oh’s and Love Stuff
Affair withAndrew Ferguson
BoyfriendAndrew Ferguson
MarriedAndrew Ferguson
Married toAndrew Ferguson
AwardsCMA Awards and Grammy Award
TV ShowReal Rob
SistersMiranda Scarlett Schneider
AlbumsMusic Stuff and The Elle King EP