Did Kendall Jenner make out with Bad Bunny on a night out?
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The rumor mill is churning! Since 2020 there had been speculation that Kendall Jenner (27) was dating basketball player Devin Booker (26). A year later, the two made their love official. The separation followed in June last year. But just a few months later, the former lovebirds made a second attempt, which again failed in November. Now it is said that the model is dating the successful Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny (28)!

Did Kendall Jenner make out with Bad Bunny on a night out?
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Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi started a rumor that a “single famous model sister” was spotted kissing the musician at a Los Angeles club. Shortly after, the account operator revealed more details on the Deux U podcast: “So I’m revealing that it was Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. I have witnesses at the scene who saw her leave the club. Kendall left the club, got in her car and two minutes later, Bad Bunny’s car was pulled up.”

Bad Bunny
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Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, as the hottie’s real name is, is currently one of the most successful musicians in the world. With his Spanish hits, he is a megastar, especially in Latin America. For three years in a row, the 28-year-old has made it to the top of the Spotify streaming service charts with his tracks. The Puerto Rican can already call three Grammys his own.