Does Mary Cheat On George With Pastor Rob? Relationship Timeline

Does Mary Cheat On George With Pastor Rob? Relationship Timeline: Before the major reveal of George’s affair with Brenda, Young Sheldon may ask a highly anticipated question: “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

After four seasons of a long and beautiful relationship, George Sr. and Mary Cooper’s marriage experienced a lot of strains in the fifth season of Young Sheldon.

The couple’s relationship hit a boiling point in the fifth season of Young Sheldon, setting up Mary’s and George’s affairs one after the other.

For years, the plot from “The Big Bang Theory” about catching George having sexual relations with another woman has been the most awaited plot in Young Sheldon.

And then, before the big reveal of George’s sexual relationship with another woman, Young Sheldon set up Mary’s affair.

Following this unexpected story twist, fans have one major question on their minds: “Did Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

And fans think Mary Cooper will get her cheating plotline before the highly anticipated reveal of George Cooper’s affair.

Does Mary Cheat On George With Pastor Rob? Twisted Plotline Explained

The new Young Sheldon season begins with Mary catching George flirting with Brenda while she is about to go into labour and nowhere does Mary back her affair with Pastor Rob.

For years, George cheating on Mary with Brenda has been the most anticipated plotline in the show, around which the play centres.

However, new rumours have surfaced about Mary possibly cheating on George Sr. with Pastor Rob.

Does Mary Cheat On George With Pastor Rob? Relationship Timeline
Mary And Pastor Rob.

George and Brenda’s friendship and flirtations sparkled after their unconvincing meetup, as shown in the Young Sheldon season 4 finale.

Since then, The Big Bang Theory spinoff has dealt with Mary and George’s friendship on and off.

Furthermore, the answer to the show’s most anticipated question in history, “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?” appears to be absent from the current season.

While George and Mary’s marriage appears to be in trouble following George’s affair with Brenda, Mary and Pastor Rob were only introduced to each other in season 5, but they immediately clicked.

Following the potential development of love attraction between Mary and Rob, viewers are curious about how the show addresses and answers the question, “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

Only Missy is aware that Mary and George may have secret affairs with other people, and the show has not addressed the potential cheating scandal.

Fans and followers of Young Sheldon think that if Mary knows about her husband seeing her neighbour, George may be aware of her interactions and romantic relationship with Pastor Rob.

And if the show continues in this vein, the answer to the question “Does Mary cheat on George with Preacher Rob?” will almost certainly be unequivocal.

However, due to Paige’s return and Mandy’s pregnancy, the topic is currently not being addressed in the show.

George And Mary Affairs History Explored

While George Sr. and Brenda’s romantic affair sparkled in the season 4 finale of The Young Sheldon, Mary and Rob met in season 5 but developed a relationship even more quicker.

George And Brenda.
George And Brenda.

Followers believe everything about Mary and Pastor Rob begins when, in the midst of George and Mary’s discussion, Pastor Rob comes barging in to support Mary without understanding the situation.

In The Big Bang Theory, Mary never has extramarital affairs, but Young Sheldon has been planning an arc with Pastor Rob for quite some time.

And, in an effort to create a similar plotline and spin to Young Sheldon with The Big Bang Theory, the show is now moving towards Cooper’s family’s destruction.

According to sources, the revelation of an affair between the Cooper parents, Brenda and Pastor Rob, could alter the show’s plotline.