Does Carson Wentz Have A Wife or Girlfriend?
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The name Carson Wentz sounds very loud in the American football scene for very obvious reasons; he is considered one of the most exciting people who can handle a football. Carson Wentz began his football exploits in college and is known for his exploits at North Dakota State University. These exploits led to him being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles as the 2nd overall choice for the 2016 NFL Draft. This happens to be the highest selection for a player in the Football Championship Subdivision.

A talented star, the American footballer who is now playing in the National Football League has become a national icon, has won a championship ring, and has gained millions of enthusiastic fans who now follow him on his various social media platforms.

After his great success as a footballer, his life has become interesting to many fans who are trying to find out who the woman in his life is and what he does when he is not on the football field. Apart from the fact that Carson Wentz is very dedicated to his football career, he has an interesting private life. Read on to find out more.

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Who is The Beautiful Woman In Carson Wentz’s Life?

There have been many questions asked about who is the woman in Carson Wentz’s life at the moment. While many fans are sure that the football star is just married, others are not so sure. Well, our investigation has revealed that Carson Wentz is a married man, as well as a very devoted husband to the love of his life, Madison Oberg.

Madison Oberg is an American, but the exact place of her birth, as well as her date of birth, remains quite vague at this point. However, we do know that she has two sisters and that her father’s name is Brian Oberg, while her mother is Lisa Broughton.

According to our sources, Oberg completed her education at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri, and then worked as an intern for Mission of Hope: Haiti, a religious non-profit organization. Incidentally, this religious non-profit organization also receives some funding from the Carson Wentz charity.

How Did These Two Meet?

Carson Wentz has given several interviews over the years regarding his wife and his marriage. However, he has refused to explicitly mention the circumstances of their meeting. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that the couple met during a mission trip to Haiti for an event organized by Mission of Hope: Haiti.

What we know for sure is that Carson Wentz and his wife have been together since 2017, but have not made the affair public. Although Oberg had a few appearances on Wentz’s social media pages, their romance was not very pronounced until they got engaged.

Wentz’s Proposal and Marriage

Carson Wentz made an interesting proposal to his wife Oberg in February 2018 after the Super Bowl LII match. He did not play the game because of an injury, but his team won the game against the New England Patriots. After the game, he asked the big question and his wife accepted the proposal.

Carson Wentz and Madison Oberg finally tied the knot as a married couple on July 16, 2018, five months after his proposal. The wedding took place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The couple has been together ever since and it seems that their love is growing stronger every day.

On November 28, 2019, Carson Wentz told his enthusiastic fans that he and his wife were expecting their first child together.

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Other Women Carson Wentz Has Dated

Before he finally met Madison Oberg and married her, Carson Wentz met another woman named Melissa Uhrich. To our knowledge, Uhrich was his high school sweetheart when they started their love affair in high school.

After finishing high school, Wentz and Uhrich went to different colleges, but they still managed to keep the fire of their love burning. But in the end, they went their separate ways. The exact reason for their separation is still unknown. Fans have only noticed that after the separation he deleted all photos of Uhrich from his Instagram page.

Melissa Uhrich is registered as a nurse in the United States and is doing well.