Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married? Family And Ethnicity

Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married? Family And Ethnicity: Darius Homayoun’s wife and marital status have caught the attention of Sex/Life fans.

Darius Homayoun, 30, is an American performer. Films and television programmes such as “Tehran,” “Succession,” and “Sex/Life” catapulted him to fame.

Darius captures the souls of many with his outstanding acting abilities and captivating aura. More recently, Homayoun’s performance as Majid in Sex/Life has wowed both reviewers and viewers.

The actor, in particular, is getting global recognition as the character Majid has won many hearts. Majid first appeared in the Netflix drama’s second season. He is a business associate of Billie Connelly.

While the couple got closer, Majid had to deal with the responsibilities of his new relationship.

Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married?

To date, the handsome Iranian actor has not married the passion of his life. His enquiring fans, on the other hand, ponder who “Darius Homayoun’s wife” is.

Nothing is known about Darius Homayoun’s fiancée or his married life because the actor keeps his love life private. The 168-meter-tall star most likely favours genuine love and deep relationships over casual hookups.

Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married? Family And Ethnicity
Darius as Majid with Sarah Shahi

When most people his age are occupied dating, Darius Homayoun appears to be busy travelling with his friends and family. We can call him an old-school admirer.

In terms of on-screen chemistry, Darius has incredible chemistry with his feminine co-stars. On set, he also dated an American model and actress called Sarah Shahi.

Behind the scenes, Shahi looks to be dating co-star Adam Sarah Shahi.

Darius Homayoun As “Majid” In Sex/Life Season 2

In Sex/Life, Darius Homayoun plays Billie’s (Sarah Shahi) attractive lover. The show centres on a complicated love triangle, with Billie having more than one potential partner.

Sarah Shahi as Billie winds up with her ex-boyfriend Brad in Sex/Life season 2’s final episode. Brad and Billie eventually make their way back to each other. They exchange vows in a lovely wedding service.

Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married? Family And Ethnicity
Darius Homayoun plays the lover of Sarah Shahi

Billie also discovered another partner, Majid, outside of her relationships with Cooper and Brad. Majid truly loves Billie.

He understands, however, that he does not want to be a parent to Billie’s two children. As a result, the couple had to part ways.

Family And Ethnicity Of Darius Homayoun

On January 28, 1993, Mr Homayoun was born. His youth was spent in Los Angeles, California. Behi Djanati Atai and Vassilis Krookie have been added to Darius Homayoun’s household.

Homayoun, a mixed-race actor, has not disclosed his family history or siblings. We will have to wait a few more years to see Homayoun’s personal life because he is new to the entertainment business.

Darius Homayoun Wife: Is He Married? Family And Ethnicity
Darius Homayoun puts his family first.

Except for his age and acting credentials, little is known about Darius Homayoun. The actor rarely uses social media, but when he does, he utilises Instagram and Twitter to promote his work.

Movies And TV Shows Of Darius Homayoun

Darius Homayoun began performing in 2013 and rose to prominence despite his youth. He made his film début in After the Dark.

Homayoun’s notable acting credits include the character of Amir. He appeared in two segments of the infamous show Succession.

Homayoun has been featured in television shows such as Tehran and The Long Road Home. Aside from the television series, Darius is featured in a few films, including Affluenza.

Notably, The Dead of Night is the only alternative film in which Homayoun has featured since 2015. Colt Skeen was portrayed by the actor, and the show premiered in 2021.