Sarah Forgany Biography, Age, Married Husband, Divorce, Family
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Sarah Forgany is an American media personality known for her work as a journalist for the news channel KENS 5. The Texas-based journalist has become known in many parts of the United States for her talent and professionalism in her work, which is complemented by her grace and charm.

As she wore different hats for different media organizations, she was awarded the Associated Press Award in recognition of her dedication. Read on to learn more about Sarah Forgany Biography, Age, Married, Husband, Divorce, Family

Sarah Forgany Biography and Age

It was on January 3, 1996, when Sarah Forgany was born in the Egyptian capital Cairo. She grew up there in part before her family finally returned to the United States, where she settled in Texas. Here she stayed and was raised by her parents.

As she grew up, she was very close to her mother who, she said, is very strong-willed. She revealed that everything she is today is thanks to her mother, who always encouraged her, that there was nothing she could not do if she was willing to commit to it. She has also grown into a strong-willed person like her mother.

But Sarah Forgany also considers her father very important to her, as she is blessed with the best family one could wish for. She also has a sister with whom she grew up. The identity of the sister of the Egyptian-American journalist is not known, but it is known that she married in 2015.

After her high school education, she went to the University of Houston where she studied and graduated in journalism, as she has had a passion for becoming a journalist for a very long time.

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After graduating from college, Sarah then began her career in the media. Her first job was with the defunct News 24 Houston, then she worked for KTRK ABC13. She had already started working for television in 2002. At that time she learned different things like production and editing as well as reporting and moderation.

Afterward, Sarah Forgany worked at KLFY in Lafayette, Louisiana, as a weekend presenter and reporter. In April 2010 she joined KENS 5, to which she is still close ten decades later. During her career, she covered several important assignments such as the earthquake in Haiti, and she also sat and interviewed some very big names, including the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Sarah is good in Arabic and Spanish, and over the years she has also been to many parts of the world, in countries like France, Mexico, Germany, Venezuela, and many others. Even though, as mentioned above, she was born in Cairo, she grew up in Texas and has spent most of her life there, so she calls it home.

Family – Married, Husband, and Divorce

In case you wonder: Sarah Forgany is still very young, but she is already a family woman. In early 2019 she married her lover, Jesse Castillo.

Although there is no information about how they met and how long they have been together, their love story, their engagement, and their marriage are still very interesting.

When Sarah Forgany talked about her engagement, the beautiful Forgany revealed that she was still half asleep and in pajamas when her current husband surprised her. He appeared at her door that early morning in his beautiful suit with a diamond ring and a bouquet of rose flowers. The moment she saw him and realized what he was up to, she burst into tears when he got down on his knees and asked her to be his wife.

Of course, Sarah Forgany said yes to Jesse Castillo, and they decided not to wait long to marry. In just a few weeks, she received her wedding dress, which was further worked on by her mother to make it fit properly and brought to perfection.

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On January 5, 2019, a few days after her birthday, Sarah and Jesse became man and wife after an event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Only 24 guests attended the private event.

For their two-week honeymoon, the couple traveled to Uganda, Rwanda, and Iceland, among other places. They also visited a location where Game of Thrones was filmed, as the two are big fans of the series.

There are no rumors about divorce in their marriage, as the two are very deeply in love with each other.