Devin Nunes Biography, Education, Wife, Net Worth and Family
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Devin Nunes is an American politician. He has been a United States Congressman since 2003 and represents the 22nd Congressional District of California. Nunes is chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and a Republican member of Congress. He was part of President Donald Trump’s transition team.

Devin Nunes’ Biography

Devin Nunes was born on October 1, 1973, in Tulare County, California, the son of Antonio and Toni Duane Nunes. At the time of his birth, his parents ran a farm in the Tulare County area. The Nunes family is originally Portuguese. The family moved from the Portuguese Azores to California in the early 20th century.

President George W. Bush appointed Nunes as California State Director for Rural Development in the United States Department of Agriculture in 2001. In addition to her work on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Nunes has served on the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Trade and Health and the Committee on Ways and Means.

He is co-chair of the USA-Mexico Friendship Committee. Devin is also a member of the Baltic Caucus of the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee launched an investigation in March 2017 to determine if and to what extent the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

Nunes was accused of having leaked classified information to the public during the investigation. He denied any wrongdoing, and the House of Representatives’ Ethics Committee did nothing against him. Nunes issued a memo in February 2018 claiming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice were involved in a conspiracy against President Trump, based on the FBI’s and later Special Advisor Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

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The development was viewed by most Democrats and some Republicans as a deeply disturbing attempt by Nunes to protect and be lenient with President Trump. Nunes has always taken a tough stance on immigration. This has led to some controversy as some of his family members have admitted to using the services of illegal immigrants on their farms.

As Chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Nunes played a central role in the State Department’s investigation into the extent of the State Department’s response to the attack by the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, which resulted in the deaths of the United States Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and the Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith.

The investigation by the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee lasted two years. The committee’s final report cleared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department of any wrongdoing. No official of the Obama administration was found to be inadequate in their response to the attack.

It was determined that the United States military and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) responded to the attack in a timely and satisfactory manner, although they also admitted that the facilities were not sufficiently fortified to repel a heavily armed and organized attack such as the one orchestrated by Ansar al-Sharia.

Nunes had a dispute with the Pentagon leadership when he made a proposal to relocate the intelligence centers of the European Command and the African Command to the Azores. He argued that the construction and living costs would be significantly lower than at the other locations. However, the Pentagon rejected this claim, claiming that the cost of living in the Azores was high and that moving would also be expensive.

Wife, Family

Elizabeth Nunes (née Elizabeth Ann Tamariz) was born on October 1, 1973. She is also of Portuguese descent and grew up in South Valley California. She is a primary school teacher and also runs a home business where she breeds lap dogs.

Elizabeth Nunes married Devin Nunes in 2003 after he was elected U.S. Congressman at St. Aloysius Church, Washington DC. Interestingly, the couple was born on the same day. The Nunes are Catholics. Their first daughter Evelyn Rose was born in 2007, they have two other daughters named Julia Lauren and Margaret May.

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Nunes attended the College of Sequoias, where he graduated as an Associate of Arts in 1993. He then went to California Polytechnic, where he received a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness in 1995. From the same institution, he received a Master’s degree in Agriculture in 1996.

Devin Nunes Net Worth

Devin Nunes has estimated net assets of $158,000. The majority of his assets are located in two wineries. He was ranked 366th among the wealthiest members of the house in 2016.