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Everything You Need To Know About Mariah Mallad (Momokun)

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The name Mariah Mallad has become a synonym for cosplaying, and that’s how it happened. The anime industry is a continuously growing industry that has consolidated its roots in all major countries around the world. According to current estimates, the value of the anime industry is over 18 billion dollars. Anime, as the Japanese style of animation is known around the world, has a symbiotic relationship with other art forms, which include playing. The games industry, which has a value of 91.5 billion dollars, makes use of many anime styles and has thus contributed to the worldwide spread of anime art. A market of this size and scope will inevitably generate other money-making ventures, and one of them is cosplaying.

Cosplaying is a performance art in which you disguise yourself as characters from another work of art, such as characters from a video game, comic, movie, or television show. The costumes required for cosplaying should usually be made by the artist himself. With the worldwide rise of the influence of anime and the gaming industry, the cosplaying subculture has grown, which has produced a number of cosplaying stars who make a living from being cosplayers. One of these super cosplayers is of course our Mariah Mallad, better known as Momokun.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Mariah Mallad (Momokun)


In the modern age of the Internet, traditional office desk jobs are no longer the usual way to make money. With social media and the growing interest in various forms of entertainment, creating online content is one of the most effective ways to make a living. You can be the creator of different things – videos for YouTube, streaming your gaming skills on Twitch, influencing social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter, or you can be a professional cosplayer paid by cosplay enthusiasts to dress up as characters of their choice. Mariah Mallad has chosen the latter.

The American cosplayer, who further illustrated the resounding influence of the genre, was born on September 19, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. At the time of writing this report, there is not much information about her education and childhood.

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Mariah Mallad Career

Her journey into cosplaying began because she was a big fan of one of the supporting art forms that feed the performative art of cosplaying, of playing. Mariah grew up as a great player, which sparked her interest in dressing up as some of her favorite video game characters.

Like any innocent idea, she started out small to have fun, but the admiration she received for her cosplaying style has attracted fans and admirers from around the world. Not long after that, she became a professional cosplayer and has built a large fan base of over 400,000 fans on social media. Her presence in social media includes a part of her works r/Momokun_MariahMallad, which has over 18 thousand subscribers. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, from where she also works.

Mariah Mallad alias Momokun is an oversized cosplayer. A combination of her body curves and charisma has contributed to her popularity in an industry mainly pursued by men. Originally, she was admired and loved in the world of cosplaying as an entertaining personality, but her popularity has earned her sponsorship from several companies, including the Creators Guild, an anime, and a player clothing company.


Maybe she fell into the trap of fame, or it was part of her character all along, but Mariah lost all her goodwill when she developed a reputation for harassing men and women at various conventions.

Her fame for harassment is most evident in an incident in which she pulled down the top of a cosplayer’s shirt and exposed her fully in a crowded room.

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Harassment is at the top of the list of cosplayer crimes of which she is accused and which have led to her falling from the admired to the despised. She has been accused of buying her costumes, which violates the principle of cosplaying, she has also been accused of body humiliation, which is a terrible thing in itself, but is considered even worse in an industry that has many exposed body parts.

Her growing negative reputation has resulted in Mariah losing many of her corporate sponsors.

However, despite the growing disinterest in her art, she has managed to maintain a large fan base in the cosplaying community, and she earns money through Patreon.