Daniella Liben Bio: Everything About Adam Pally’s Wife
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aniella Liben is a former shop owner from New Jersey. She is best known as the wife of Adam Pally, an actor in Happy Endings and The Mindy Project. Liben and Pally have been together since high school. And their union has lasted more than two decades. The couple is also the parents of three children.

Danielle’s husband Pally has also worked extensively in improv and sketch comedy shows off-screen. Adam is a member of the sketch comedy group Chubby Skinny Kids, as well as the improv group Hot Sauce.

Although the father of Liben’s children is also known for films such as Iron Man 3, The Assassination of a High School President, The Making of Woodstock, and Slow Learners, Daniela herself is a stranger in the media world. Find out more about her in the following sections: how she became Adam’s wife, her parentage, her origins, and more.

Daniella Liben Birth Details, Parents

Daniella Liben, the Jewish wife of the Search Party actor, was born Daniella Anne Liben in 1981, presumably in June. She is now 41 years old and is the daughter of Sindy Liben and Barry Liben of Livingston, New Jersey.

Her mother Cindy is reportedly a registered nurse who worked with Daniella’s in-laws in their medical office in Florhampark, New York, in the late 2000s. Her father, Barry, was also President of Tzell Travel Group, a travel agency in New York.

Liben’s father-in-law, Dr. Stephen Pally, was an osteopathic internist during her and Adam’s marriage.

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Her Education

Liben graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Daniella Liben Father Was A Reputed Businessman

Liben’s late father Barry, who died in January 2020, was an experienced businessman who was honest, demanding, loyal and intelligent.

He is known for his significant contributions to the Travel Leaders Group, which acquired companies such as Protravel International, Vacation.com, and Nexion under his leadership.

By 2018, Travel Leaders Group had 4,000 employees and an annual turnover of USD 7.12 billion.

Daniela’s father, Barry, was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1952. When he was 15, his parents moved away, but he decided to stay. The New Yorker dropped out of school and worked three jobs to support the family apartment.

Eventually, he ran a sleep-away camp organized by the Jewish organization Betar, which he had attended as a child. There he met Danielle’s mother and his wife, Cindy Bachner. The Liben-Bachners eventually had three children, including Adam’s wife, and seven grandchildren.

Adam Pally’s Wife, Daniella Used To Own A Clothing Store

Daniella, who is about 180 cm tall, used to own Ruby, a women’s boutique in Montclair, New Jersey but may have given it up as she now lives in California with her husband and children.

When Daniella spoke to Totally Mommy in February 2015, she admitted that she is the owner of a shop in New York called Shelf Life. Apparently, it dealt with cabinets that were specifically designed to help customers with fitting and ordering.

Liben said at the time that she got the idea after some of her customers from New Jersey told her about the problems they were having arranging their wardrobes. However, it is now unclear whether Daniella still owns the shop in New York or has started another business.

Daniella Liben And Husband Adam Pally’s Relationship

Dirty Grandpa actor Adam Pally and Daniella got married on a Thursday night in July 2008. The wedding took place at the Chelsea Piers in New York City, with Rabbi Stanley Assekoff as the officiant.

At the time, Pally was just starting his career and was described as a “TV commercial actor”, while Liben owned a women’s boutique in New Jersey called Ruby.

Adams was also working at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York at the time, where he trained other actors. After their wedding, the Sonic The Hedgehog actor and Liben became parents to three children, son Cole (b. 2012), Georgia Grace (b. 2013), and Drek.

Daniella And Adam Have Been Together Since High School

Daniella and Adam’s relationship started long before the wedding. They have been together since they were middle-aged in high school.

Adams revealed this in an interview with Wired YouTube in 2018. Speaking alongside other members of the Dog Days cast q and a, Adams answered some of the most-asked questions on Google about him by answering one about his wife.

To the question “Who is Adam Pally’s wife?” the Little Hours actor answered by saying,

“My wife is my high school sweetheart.”

Although Liben has never acted in a film in her career, she once starred with her husband Adam Pally in Stef and Ayesha Carey’s HBO Max series About Last Night. The show pits celebrity couples against each other in competitions and relationship-based games.

Although Liben and her husband have been together since their teenage years, they broke up at some point.

In October 2014, in a conversation with Cosmopolitan magazine, 50-centimeter-tall actor Adam is believed to have said that the time when his now-wife separated from him was a difficult time. The Ducktales actor added that he found the divorce quite difficult.

Liben Chose A Gift For Actress Mindy Kaling’s Pregnancy

Daniel chose a gift for Mindy Project actress Mindy Kaling in January 2018 when she was pregnant for the first time. Liben helped choose the gift on behalf of her actor husband, who at the time was Kaling’s co-star in her comedy The Mindy Project.

Kaling was pregnant during the final season of The Mindy Project, the last episode of which aired in November 2017. A month later, the Ocean’s 8 actresses welcomed a daughter named Katherine.

Since then, Adam and Kalinga, an alumna of The Office, have also been each other’s friends. Daniela’s husband, however, had no idea what kind of baby gift he would give his then-roommate when she was expecting. Pally told how his wife helped him in this matter,

“You know my wife [Daniella Liben] handles all this. I’m so cliche so I don’t know. I’m assuming we did because my wife is so on it. I don’t know what it is. I’m sure it’s very cute and very expensive!”

Is Daniella Liben As Rich As Her Husband, Adam; What Is Her Net Worth?

With all the years Daniela’s husband Adam has spent in the acting business, an estimate of his net worth has not yet been recorded. However, he is believed to be a millionaire, as there have been several instances in the past where the Creepshow actor has made real estate deals worth seven figures.

Pally and his wife Daniella previously owned a house in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, which they later sold in 2013 for USD 1.62 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The house, which the couple had originally offered for USD 1.7 million, had 2,400 square meters of living space, including three bedrooms, a study, a fireplace, a dining room, and French doors leading to a pool. The Pally couple then paid around $3.2 million for the luxury New York apartment in 2017.

Daniella Liben Bio: Everything About Adam Pally’s Wife

Although later Daniela and her actor spouse also put the property on the market for $4,095,000.

Despite the above figures and perspectives, something that is no less of a puzzle is the true net worth of Pally’s wife, Daniela. Be that as it may, it seems unlikely that the mother of three, given her family’s celebrity status, does not enjoy a high-class lifestyle.

Not to mention the fact that she also comes from a wealthy family.

Is Daniella Liben On Social Media

Although her husband Adam is quite active in her anonymity on Instagram and Facebook, Daniela proved to be quite reserved in this course.

Although Liben has an Instagram, she seems to manage it outside the public space. However, she is quite active on Twitter. Her bluebird handle is mostly about the whims of her and her children. The shows she is excited about, as well as promoting her husband’s shows.