Chance The Rapper’s Parents, Brother And Daughter
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Ever Wondered Who are Chance The Rapper’s Parents? He surprised the world with the dominance of his music, especially as he doesn’t charge a cent for his amazing music. Nevertheless, today everything revolves around his support system…. his family, so let’s learn a little more about Chance the Rapper‘s parents and his brother.

Chance The Rapper’s Parents

Given the usual stereotypes that prevail today, we assure you that the actual description of the chance the rappers’ parents have is very different from the idea you have in mind. Chance the Rapper’s parents are Ken and Lisa Bennett and the couple both happen to work for the government.

Chance’s father, Ken, was an advisor to the former mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington, and worked for then-Senator Barack Obama, now he is deputy chief of staff to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. On the other hand, his mother Lisa Bennett works in the office of the Attorney General of Illinois and also owns tobacco fields in North Carolina.

It is not uncommon for parents to hope that their children will grow up to be like themselves and hopefully even choose to follow the same career path they have chosen. So it shouldn’t be a shock that Chance The Rapper’s parents hoped that one day he too would assume a political office. Nevertheless, they are his biggest fans and fully support his efforts.

The couple knows that Chance has a very good future in the end, but still, they have some concerns, here is what his mother had to say, ‘Three friends of Chance and Taylors who had nothing to do with gangs who did the right things, were killed and, as you know, it’s a crisis.

Here is one of the cases she probably referred to; sometime in 2011 Chance’s close friend Rodney Taylor was stabbed to death after accidentally meeting the wrong guy. This kind of problem would keep any parent awake at night.

In all this, he has made his parents very proud, especially of the status he has set himself. His father said, “He could sing about many other things, but he talks about some of the challenges young people face today, not just getting out and going to school and coming home and doing homework.

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Chance The Rapper’s Brother

His name is Taylor Bennett and although he does not follow in the footsteps of his parents, he certainly takes one or two keywords from his older brother. He was born on January 19, 1996, only about three years after his brother was born, and it is obvious that the two were very close from the beginning.

The duo showed an early interest in art, often knocking together and developing their skills and talents. Not unlike his brother, he has a unique sound and a unique way of performing, with several notable rap artists as his influences.

Some of them are Twista, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West, we would like to take the liberty to put Chance the Rapper on this list, as the star also helped his little brother in every way possible. The two even have a common song, after his success he and his brother released a track called Broad Shoulders, which is also the title track of one of his latest mixtapes.

The mixtape also includes some other impressive new artists of Chicago descent such as Logan Parks, Talia Stewart, and Jordan Bratton. To the more personal news on January 18, 2017, one day before his 21st birthday, the rapper came out as a bisexual on Twitter.

It was a big step in his life, but he did it to “help others who are struggling with the same problems. He twittered: “My birthday is tomorrow and I want to be more open next year to help others who are struggling with the same problems.’

Besides, as an adult, I have always felt indifferent about my sexuality and the attraction to one sex & today I want to come openly to my fans. I recognize myself as a bisexual man & do & have always openly supported the gay community and will continue to do so in 2017. *Thank you.

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Chance The Rapper’s Daughter

He is as secretive about his daughter as Clark Kent is about his true identity…. but all the more. In September 2015, the rapper went to Instagram to publish a photo of his parent’s bracelet from the hospital. The caption was quite long, but in short, he was very grateful for everything and asked the fans for some privacy to settle into his new role as Papa.

His little angel is called Kensli and he had her since 2013 with his girlfriend Kirsten Corley. Sometime in May 2016, after they had stopped living together, Corley had filed a petition asking the courts to declare Chance the Rapper her daughter’s father, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

She asked to remain the only caretaker while Chance would “pay child benefit retroactively to the girl’s birth, costs during pregnancy and childbirth as well as attorney’s fees”. In January 2017, however, she withdrew the complaint as she must have settled it out of court.

To the sweeter news: The rapper finally published some pictures of his charming 15-month-old daughter on Instagram last month, and everyone is happy to finally take a look at the beauty that stole his heart.

Quick Facts About Chance The Rapper

Date of Birth:16 April 1993
 Age:30 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:6 Feet
NameChancellor Johnathan Bennet
Nick NameChance the Rapper
FatherKen Williams Bennet
MotherLisa Bennet
Birth Place/CityChicago
Net Worth$35 Million
Eye ColorBlack
Hair Colorblack
Weight in KG77
Affair withKirsten Corley
GirlfriendKirsten Corley
Married toKirsten Corley
Awards3 Grammy awards
Albums10 days , Acid Rap, Coloring Book