Where Is Daniel Petry? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhns Killer
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Daniel Petry was just a teenager when something terrible happened Back in 2007. He got famous but for all the wrong reasons. He ended up killing a 12-year-old boy over something small that happened on the internet. They used to enjoy playing video games together, but things took a dark turn.

Daniel had a history of getting angry over little things because of some mental issues he was dealing with. Sadly, this time it led to tragedy when he ended up taking the life of his friend after they disagreed while playing a game.

The Daniel Petry murder case shook a lot of people to their core. Since then, tons of folks have been eager to find out what happened to him next, where he ended up after getting arrested, and what his life looks like today. This article has pictures of both Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn, along with all the important details about what went down during the tragic incident.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Petry, convicted of murder at 16, killed his friend over a virtual disagreement in 2007.
  • The case shocked many due to its brutal nature and the young ages of those involved.
  • Daniel served a short sentence and reportedly lives quietly in Brazil.

Who is Daniel Petry?

Daniel Felipe Petry is a Brazilian guy who got famous for all the wrong reasons. He ended up being convicted of murder after he hurt and killed a boy named Gabriel Blumenau Kuhn back in 2007. Turns out, Gabriel was Daniel’s neighbor.

Early Life

Where Is Daniel Petry? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhns Killer
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Daniel had a tough time with his mental health when he was young. His family tried to get him help, but he didn’t stick with it for long. Instead, he was really into online gaming, TV, and the internet. He’d spend hours playing games and watching TV, sometimes even skipping school to play video games with his friends.

What is Daniel Petry’s Age?

Daniel Petry was born in 1991, so in 2024, he is 33 years old.

Where was Daniel Felipe Petry born?

Daniel Petry was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Who are Daniel Petry’s parents?

His mom’s name is Nova Trento. There’s no public information about his dad.

How did Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn become friends?

Well, they were pretty tight buddies. They met while playing an online game called Tibia. Since they lived in the same neighborhood in Santa Catarina, Brazil, they hung out a lot.

The case of Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn’s murder

Where Is Daniel Petry? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhns Killer
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Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn got caught up in a serious situation. Gabriel borrowed some money from Daniel, about 20,000 Brazilian Real (which was roughly 1.75 USD back then), to buy virtual stuff for their game Tibia. But when Daniel asked for what Gabriel promised, Gabriel didn’t give it and cut off contact with him online.

Then, on July 23rd, 2007, Daniel got frustrated and called Gabriel’s mom, Nova Trento, around 9:30 am. She wasn’t home, and Gabriel was alone. Daniel went to Gabriel’s house that morning.

At first, Gabriel was hesitant to open the door, but he did after Daniel said he just wanted to talk things out about their game disagreement.

When Daniel got inside the house, he locked the door and attacked Gabriel badly. He hurt him and did some terrible things.

When Gabriel threatened to tell his parents about what happened, Daniel choked him with cables from the gaming system and kept hitting him until he passed out.

Daniel thought Gabriel was dead, so he tried to hide the body in the attic. But it was too heavy, so he started cutting off Gabriel’s legs with a knife from the kitchen and a saw from the garage. While he was cutting, Gabriel woke up and started screaming in pain.

Daniel kept cutting until he had chopped off Gabriel’s legs. Then he sawed his torso in half. Gabriel was still alive but unconscious because of the shock. He died later from his injuries.

After that, Daniel hit the body some more and carved symbols from the game Tibia into Gabriel’s chest. Then he left the body under the floor and put Gabriel’s legs next to the saw in the hallway.

When Gabriel’s brother came home and found his brother’s body, he was devastated and called for help. People in the neighborhood called the police.

When investigators looked around, they found out about the arguments between Daniel and Gabriel in the virtual world. They found this out by checking Gabriel’s video game console. This evidence was really important for the case.

What happened to Daniel Philip Petry?

Where Is Daniel Petry? The Story Of Gabriel Kuhns Killer
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He got arrested after admitting he killed Gabriel, but he said he didn’t sexually assault him. But Gabriel’s autopsy showed he was assaulted multiple times.

When he was sentenced, Daniel told Judge Pereira he did it because Gabriel tricked him and he wanted to make him pay, even if it meant going to hell. He got a 3-year jail term and was sent to a Juvenile delinquency center.

How old were Daniel and Gabriel when the tragic event occurred?

Daniel was 16 years old and Gabriel Kuhn was 12. Many Tibia players worldwide were upset about the situation and protested against Daniel’s short sentence.

He finished his three-year jail term and got out of the juvenile correction camp in 2010. Some theories suggest that Daniel might have been abusing Gabriel before the incident and killed him to keep him quiet.

Where is Daniel Petry now?

There is no sign of him having a social media account, according to the public. Some rumors say he became a lawyer and lives freely in Brazil. But in 2022, there was confusion when people thought a São Paulo resident named Marcos Daniel Petry was him.

Daniel Petry’s physical stats

At the time of his sentencing, Daniel was 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) tall and weighed about 208 lbs (94 kg).

What happened to Daniel Petry?

He spent three years in jail and was released in 2010.

Quick Facts

1. What happened to Daniel Petry? In 2010, when he was 19 years old, Daniel Petry was released, and since then, there’s been no information about where he went, as the details of his release were kept private.

2. What is the case of Gabriel and Daniel? Daniel Petry faced accusations in Gabriel Kuhn’s death, and there were photographs of Daniel Perry and the murder trials.

3. When was Daniel Petry released? In 2010, Daniel Petry was released, when he was 19 years old

4. What is the Full Name of Daniel Petry? His full name is Daniel Felipe Petry.

5. What is the Nationality of Daniel Petry? He is a Brazilian.

6. Where was Daniel Petry was Imprisoned? He was imprisoned at A juvenile correction camp.

7. How many years Daniel Petry was Jailed? He was in jail for 3 years.

8. What was the crime location of Daniel Petry? The crime location was Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

9. Who is Daniel Petry’s mother? Nova Trento is the mother of Daniel.

10. How old is Daniel Petry? He was born in 1991 He is 33 years old.

11. What happened to Daniel Petry after the murder case? Daniel Petry, convicted of killing his friend over a virtual dispute, served a short jail term and reportedly lives quietly in Brazil.

Wrap Up

Daniel Petry’s tragic tale underscores the dangers of unchecked anger and the consequences of online disputes. While the case drew widespread attention, Daniel’s subsequent life remains shrouded in mystery, leaving lingering questions about justice and accountability.