Kanye West Car Accident and House: All There Is To Know

Kanye West Car Accident and House: All There Is To Know

Kanye West is considered by some to be the king of rap. His talent and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled him to very high heights making him one of the richest and most influential personalities not only in the United States but also around the world. His huge fortune has allowed him to enjoy all the lifestyles he wants. He is able to drive some of the most expensive cars literally any car of his choice. His living space is also something to marvel at because it is huge and elegant.

Kanye West Car Accident and House: All There Is To Know
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In addition to marrying one of the most influential figures in television and social media, Kim Kardashian the musician has enormous potential. If you’re a West fan or even a critic you may want to know more about his personal life including the infamous car accident he had more than a decade ago as well as the kind of home in which the Hollywood star currently resides. This post will attempt to reveal the most important details of Kanye West Car Accident

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Details of Kanye West Car Accident

Celebrities have the money to buy the safest most efficient and technologically advanced cars. Of course, these cars are very expensive but they are not damage-proof. The rapper learned this truth the hard way when he least expected it.

Kanye West Car Accident and House: All There Is To Know

On October 23 2002 the rapper was involved in a serious car accident that changed his life. At that time Kanye was best known for his production work on Jay-Z’s Blueprint album in 2001. Kanye was working late in a Los Angeles studio with Ludacris Beanie Sigel Peedi Crack The Black Eyed Peas and DJ Whoo Kid after some disagreement between him and Ludacris Kanye left the studio around 3 am angry in a rented Lexus. The accident was horrible leaving Kanye with a broken jaw that he needed reconstructive surgery to repair.

The incident inspired his song ‘Through the Wire’ which was an instant success. Many people believe that the incident marked the beginning of his success in the rap music industry. The song was officially released in his first mixtape Get Well Soon whose cover was a picture of his face swollen and broken by the accident.

Kanye West’s Enormous House

Kim and Kanye Hidden Hill Estate

Kanye West’s house is nothing short of elegant. After marrying Kim the couple decided to move to a larger house. The cute couple bought a house for $20 million in August 2014. The mansion is located in Hidden Hill California and includes a 1050 square-foot entertainment pavilion two spas eight matching bedrooms and bathrooms two barbecue centers and most importantly an on-site vineyard. The immediate owner of the property was Lisa Marie Presley and the house had to undergo some minor renovations before West and his in-laws could move in.

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Kim Kanye Hidden Hills

The couple has a number of workers on the property and will likely need more workers as the family continues to grow. Hollywood stars are known to live in a house for a short while and then sell it to buy a new one but from the views of this magnificent mansion we think Kimye could stay here longer than usual what is even more interesting is that Kanye West’s house is a few minutes by car from her mother-in-law Kris Jenner in Calabasas. It may have been a coincidence but it could just as easily be a plan to strengthen the family.