Brittish Williams: Fun Facts and Net Worth of Basketball wives’ star

Brittish Williams is a famous TV star who was on a show called Basketball Wives LA. She was with a retired basketball player named Lorenzo Gordon but they broke up.

Who is Brittish Williams?

Brittish Williams was born on December 28 1990 in Missouri USA. She went to Clayton High School and then studied Communication/Journalism at Saint Louis University. She became famous after appearing on the reality TV show Basketball Wives LA in 2013 which was because she was the ex-girlfriend of retired basketball player Lorenzo Gordon.

How old is Brittish Williams?

Brittish was born on December 28 1990 which means she is now 32 years old.

What does Brittish Williams do for work?

In addition to her TV career, Brittish Williams is also an entrepreneur. She owns an online clothing store called House of Labels and is the CEO of a company called Lux Trucking Logistics.

Does Brittish Williams have children?

Yes, Brittish Williams has a daughter named Dash Dior Gordon. Dash is four years old now and her father is retired basketball player Lorenzo Gordon. She was born on May 13, 2018.

Who is Brittish Williams’ baby daddy?

Lorenzo Gordon, a 39-year-old retired basketball player, and reality TV star is the father of Brittish’s child.

Brittish and Lorenzo were once engaged after he proposed to her on the Basketball Wives LA show in 2014. But in 2015 Brittish discovered that Lorenzo had cheated on her while he was overseas and she ended their relationship. However, in 2016 they appeared on another reality show called Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to try and work things out. They managed to reconcile and had a child together on May 13, 2018. Sadly they ended up breaking up again in 2019.

What happened to the Brittish from Basketball Wives?

In 2021 Brittish got in trouble with the law and was arrested. She was accused of doing some bad things like lying about money and using fake social security numbers. But she said she didn’t do it and went free. Later she even came back on Basketball Wives for its 10th season.

Did Basketball Wives Brittish go to jail?

Brittish was arrested and charged with five serious crimes including fraud. She went to court but she didn’t say she was guilty. Later she was released from jail and appeared on the TV show Basketball Wives again.

What is Brittish Williams’s real name?

Brittish Williams has not changed her name and still goes by the name Brittish Williams.

What is Brittish Williams’s Net Worth?

As of now, people estimate that Brittish has a total worth of $500000. She earns most of her money by being a famous reality TV star.