Outrage Online as Puteri Sari Viral Video Sparks Controversy
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Outrage Online as Puteri Sari Viral Video Sparks Controversy: Puteri Sari a rising social media influencer from Malaysia has captured the hearts of many with her hijab-wearing style and engaging content on TikTok.

Since starting her journey on the platform in July 2020 she has amassed over 1 million followers and 7.2 million likes with her relatable content, particularly in the areas of fashion and beauty.

Her success has led to her becoming a well-known figure both in the Malaysian TikTok community and beyond.

Puteri Sari Viral Video

However, Puteri Sari has recently come under fire due to a viral video that has caused outrage online. The video which has been widely shared on social media platforms has sparked controversy and scandalized Twitter users.

Outrage Online as Puteri Sari Viral Video Sparks Controversy
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In the video, Puteri Sari can be seen making comments that many have deemed insensitive and offensive. Some have accused her of promoting negative stereotypes and perpetuating harmful beliefs, particularly regarding race and religion.

The backlash against Puteri Sari has been swift and fierce with many calling for her to apologize and take responsibility for her actions.

The Response to the Controversy

Despite the criticism and outrage, Puteri Sari has yet to publicly address the controversy surrounding her viral video. Her silence has only fueled the anger of many who believe that she should take responsibility for her words and actions.

Many of her fans and followers have also expressed disappointment and disillusionment with Puteri Sari who they had previously looked up to as a role model. Some have even unfollowed her on social media citing her behavior as unacceptable and damaging.

The controversy surrounding Puteri Sari’s viral video highlights the responsibility that social media influencers have to their followers and the broader community.

While their platforms can provide opportunities for creativity and self-expression they also come with a significant responsibility to use their influence for good and promote positive values and beliefs.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Puteri Sari’s viral video has sparked outrage online and left many Twitter users scandalized. Despite her previous success and popularity on TikTok, the backlash against her comments in the video has been severe.

As social media influencers continue to rise in prominence it is important for them to recognize their responsibilities and use their platforms to promote positive change and beliefs.