Ashley Jade Stern – Howard Stern’s Youngest Daughter
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The name Howard Stern is one that needs no introduction due to his numerous successes and achievements in radio. Since he has been broadcasting regularly for more than 40 years, it is not surprising that Stern is often considered a legendary personality on the air. In this respect, Stern is known for using his voice to draw attention to certain issues, and he is also known to the majority of the public for his controversial nature, which is capable of bringing any or all discussion into the limelight.

Because Ashley Jade Stern is the daughter of a famous person, she has been exposed to the good things in life from birth. However, this was not without cost, as she had to give up her private life at an early age due to her father’s enormous wealth and fame. Even though it does not seem ideal to be at the top of the headlines as a small child, she has become a celebrity in her own right. Without wasting any more time, here is everything you need to know about Howard Stern’s youngest daughter.

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Ashley Jade at a Glance

Background Details and Early Life

Ashley Jade Stern was born on 24 January 1993 in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York as the daughter of her parents Howard Stern and Alison Berns. She is American by nationality and white ethnicity.

Ashley Jade Stern – Howard Stern’s Youngest Daughter
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There is no information about Ashley’s early educational background or her academic qualifications, as she is not willing to tell the media much about her personal life, but considering how she expresses her views in interviews, it can be assumed that she has a good education. She was raised by her parents until 2001 when her mother obtained custody of her after her divorce from Howard Stern.

How Being the Daughter of a Popular Controversial Celebrity Rubbed Off On Her

Although the Sisters of the Star Sisters have repeatedly said that their father’s fame often seems more like a curse than a blessing to them, we do not entirely agree with this assertion. In the case of Ashley Stern, it is quite understandable that she should say this since, after her parents’ much-publicized divorce, which was due to her father’s fame, she could no longer live the life of an average American child.

While one could argue that many couples divorce every day and it’s not really a big deal, it’s always too much of a big deal when your father is the famous, controversial OAP Howard Stern. That’s why she was often in the news after the divorce proceedings, but she despised being in the spotlight. It might interest you to know that Ashley, despite her birth in the Internet age, is not known to be active on any social media platform.

In an interview, she once revealed that she is closer to her father than to her mother, and we can confirm this, as we know they always hang out together.

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Meet the Family Members

Ashley Jade Stern – Howard Stern’s Youngest Daughter
Image source

When referring to Ashley Stern’s family members, only her father Howard and her mother Alison Berns come to mind. But her family is much more than that. It might interest you to know that she has two older sisters who go by the names Emily Beth Stern (born 1983) and Debra Jennifer Stern (born 1986). She also has a stepfather in the person of David Scott Simon (whom her mother married on November 23, 2001) and a stepmother named Beth Ostrosky (who was married to her father in 2008).

Is Ashley Jade Stern Dating Or Married To Anyone?

It’s really no secret that the beloved daughter of radio station icon Howard Stern is a professional when it comes to keeping her private life a secret. Therefore there is really very little information about her love life available to the media. However, we can tell you at this moment that Ashley Jade Stern is currently single and has never been married in her life. Yet she was once seen with a fine gentleman at the wedding of her older sister, Debra, which fueled rumors of a date that she never refuted.