Ashley Benson Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Relationships and Affairs
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Ashley Benson is a well-known American model and actress who has been active in Hollywood since 2002 and became famous for her role in the dance comedy “Bring It On: In It To Win It” from 2007.

Benson’s role in the Pretty Little Liars earned her the Young Hollywood Awards and the Youth Rock Awards in 2011. She also appeared in music videos and has remained active to this day.

Before we take a closer look at her professional success and progress, we want to know a little about her background.

Ashley Benson Biography 

Ashley Victoria Benson was born on December 18, 1989, in Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, California, where she grew up in the world of entertainment. She was raised by her parents Jeff Benson and Shannon Harte alongside her older sister Shaylene.

Her father is of English and German descent and her mother is of Irish descent.

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It turned out that Benson was a child prodigy who was born two months earlier than expected, she weighed 2 pounds 8 oz and stayed in intensive care for 8 weeks. The doctors told her parents that she would need heart surgery on December 25th, but her prayers were answered that Christmas Day and the doctors confirmed that the hole in her heart had mysteriously closed. Benson did not need surgery, was discharged from the hospital with 4 1/2 pounds and has remained healthy ever since.

Benson told more about her childhood on Instagram and said that her mother used to take her and her sister Shaylene to the mall for glamour shootings on weekends. She was also afraid of heights. At the age of 3, Ashley Benson was enrolled in ballet dance classes and musicals such as tap, jazz, and hip-hop. Then she joined her church choir where she performed as a soloist. When she turned 8 years old, she was signed by Ford Models to appear in several print ads.

Ashley Benson Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Relationships and Affairs
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Benson practically grew up modeling and acting. She signed with Ford Models at a very young age and was a regular on the Days of Our Lives series for three years.

She debuted on the big screen with a supporting role in the comedy 13 Going on 30 in 2004, followed by the Bring It On franchise. To play the cheerleader stunts, Benson had to overcome her fear of heights. But that was the big professional challenge she had to face to get out of working only on soap operas and end her contract with Days of our Lives.

Ashley Benson spoke about the career move and said that at that time it was best to leave soap opera if it meant moving on to bigger and better things.

As she continued to progress in her career in 2008, she got a starring role in Fab Five: The Cheerleader Scandal in Texas, where the cheerleader boss was Brooke. That same year, she took a supporting role in Bart Got a Room and also played the role of the witch dressed as a cheerleader in a 2008 episode of Supernatural. In 2009, Benson was awarded the ABC Family Mystery Thriller teen TV series Pretty Little Liars. Her performance in the film, which premiered in front of 2.47 million viewers, was highly acclaimed by the critics and, as mentioned above, earned her a number of nominations and awards.

Benson played actively in several films from 2010 to 2016, including How I Met Your Mother, Ratter, Pixels, Elvis & Nixon.

Relationships, Affairs, and Boyfriend

Ashley Benson has maintained relationships with a number of popular celebrities. Since 2011, she has been dating Justin Bieber’s “Show-off Coach Ryan Good”. The affair was described as back and forth until they finally broke up in 2016.

She and actor Chord Overstreet were seen leaving a hotel together in 2012. This triggered the rumor that the two were a couple.

She got involved with the actor Nat Wolff and was seen holding hands in October 2015. In the same year, the rumor arose that she was also together with the actor Taylor Lautner. Then came Pretty Little Liars co-star Tyler Blackburn, with whom Benson was spotted kissing at Coachella 2015. Despite the rumors about their affairs, both denied any intimate affairs between them, although some photos prove the opposite.

In the meantime, long before she became famous, Benson was dating Justin Thorne from One Call and even modeled Blacklight for his music video.

Net Worth

Ashley Benson Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Relationships and Affairs
Image source

In all her years as an actress, the blonde has amassed considerable wealth not only through acting but also through various sponsorship and sponsorship contracts. She is reportedly worth $6 million. Her work as the face of Faviana, an eveningwear designer, earned her around 52,000 dollars. In 1965, when she was a child in the days of our lives, Benson earned $6,000 an episode

Moreso, it is estimated that she earned 127,000 dollars with her role in Pretty Little Liars. Then the amount continued to increase as she gained more fame so that by the end of 2015 her earnings were about $235,000. Apart from owning a Range Rover, her home in Los Angeles is worth $2.695 million. It is a 3,085 square foot, three-bedroom, bathroom home on the Sunset Strip.

The house is described as a 1930s French Normandy-style vacation home, with a chandelier-lit foyer, a secure courtyard, a wood-paneled library, coffered ceilings, a huge balcony, a swimming pool, and an elevated spa. Not bad at her teenage age and without a college degree.

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Other Facts about Ashley Benson

1. She is a philanthropist and was involved in a Los Angeles-based non-profit dog rescue group called Wags & Walks She once joined Unilever’s “Share a Meal” program, which aims to end child hunger.

2. As mentioned earlier, Benson does not have a college degree because her tight work schedule did not allow for it. Furthermore, the blonde once revealed that she did not like school, although she was a good student.

3. During an interview, Benson revealed that most of her friends are male and she only has one good friend.

4. One of her goals is to be nominated for an Academy Award.

5. She likes all kinds of music but is definitely not a good fan of country music, and during her childhood, Benson went through several phases – from punk rock to the tomboyish phase, a trait that has been lost from time to time due to her street fashion.

6. Her beauty icon is Angelina Jolie, and she is totally into Rihana’s songs; rock, pop, and jazz.

7. Her favorite colors are white, black, and gray, and she loves leather jackets, jeans, t-shirts, and boots

8. Ashley Benson is also very close friends with Kristen Stewart.